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Professional Diploma in GovTech Government & Public Services Technologies Management by MTF Institute

What you will learn

Government & Public Sector Technologies Management

Focus to CJM and value chain

Key focuses of GovTech

Best practices of GovTech


Welcome to course Professional Diploma in GovTech Government & Public Services Technologies Management by MTF Institute

Course provided by MTF Institute of Management, Technology and Finance

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What is Government & Public Services Technologies (GovTech)?

  • GovTech encompasses the innovative use of technologies to improve the way governments and public sector organizations deliver services to citizens and businesses.

Role of a Government & Public Services Technologies Product Owner

A GovTech product owner is a crucial role that:

  • Defines the Vision: Has in-depth understanding of citizen and organizational needs to shape the product’s goals and functionalities.
  • Prioritizes Features: Sets a development roadmap that aligns with the product vision and addresses the most pressing issues the technology is meant to solve.
  • Manages Backlog: Maintains a list of tasks, user stories, and bugs, ensuring the product stays on track.
  • Collaborates with Stakeholders: Communicates effectively with developers, government officials, users, and other key stakeholders to ensure smooth development and adoption of the technology.
  • Represents the User: Acts as the voice of the citizen/government employee to ensure their needs are reflected in the product.

Why is Learning GovTech Important for Public Sector Organizations?

  • Improved Service Delivery: Technologies streamline processes, improve access to information, and create more personalized, citizen-centric experiences.
  • Enhanced Decision-Making: Data-driven insights enable better policies and resource allocation, ultimately leading to better outcomes for communities.
  • Increased Efficiency and Cost Savings: Automation, cloud services, and digital platforms reduce operational costs and free up resources that can be reinvested in other important areas.
  • Increased Transparency and Trust: Technologies like blockchain improve record-keeping and data sharing, enhancing citizen trust in government operations.
  • Fostering Innovation: GovTech encourages governments to stay up-to-date and adopt new solutions, making them more responsive and adaptive to changing needs.

How Developing Skills in GovTech Supports Career Building

  • High Demand: As governments embrace innovation, people with GovTech knowledge are sought-after, leading to diverse opportunities.
  • Multi-Disciplinary Field: GovTech careers combine technology expertise with an understanding of public policy, service design, and change management.
  • Impactful Work: Directly contribute to projects that improve people’s lives and communities.
  • Career Growth: Continuous learning and skill-building in GovTech lead to advancement and leadership roles.



Welcome to MTF
Onboarding to learning process

GovTech Government & Public Services Technologies

Gov 1 Introduction
Government and Public Sector Technologies
A Client-Centric Approach to Public Services
Gov 2 Focus to CJM
From Siloed Services to Seamless Journeys: A Paradigm Shift in Public Sector
Gov 3 Main Focuses of govtech
Phygital and Hugital: Redefining Digital Government and Public Services
Lean Six Sigma: Revolutionizing Digital and Hybrid Government Services

Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions

Interactive Part
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