Simple and effective time management techniques and strategies to increase the productively exponentially

What you will learn

Manage time better and become more productive.

Immediately apply several easy time management techniques

Identify your time robbers

Identify and create priorities to add more value

Plan your time using various approaches such as SMART

Create a more focused and effective schedules


What would you do if you have an extra hours per day? Sounds impossible? In this course, we will shows you how to get more done in the shortest time possible and give you more of that precious free time. The course lays out the theoretical and practical foundations for being more productive and explains the time robber that can get in the way.

Time Management skills are beneficial in both our personal and professional life. Our Time Management training course is specifically designed to enhance your skills in planning activities, identifying objectives and goals, scheduling task, prioritising essential tasks, preparing for a meeting, using technology for managing schedules, etc. for getting tasks done more smartly.

Section 1: Introduction

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1. Soft skills

  • Explain the meaning and importance of soft skills
  • Explain the meaning and importance of hard skills
  • Bust common myths
  • Explore other common soft skills required for growth

2. Why time management

  • Understand why time management is importance

3. Self-assessment

  • Analyse the current status on time management

Section 2: Common Time robbers

1. Common Time robbers

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  • Identify common time robbers
  • Assess the time robbers which are impacting us

Section 3: Tips

1. Common tips

  • Identify simple yet effective tips for time management

2. Time Management Matrix

  • Explain time management matrix
  • Apply to improve the productivity

3. Personal SWOT Analysis

  • Explain the meaning and importance of Personal SWOT analysis
  • Apply Personal SWOT analysis for proper planning

4. SMART goal setting

  • Explain the meaning and importance of SMART goal setting
  • Apply SMART goal setting for proper planning

5. ADKAR model of change

  • Explain the meaning and importance of ADKAR model of change
  • Apply AKDAR model of change for improving the productivity

If you’ve been looking for strategies to help you manage your time more efficiently, this course may be well worth your time.




Soft skills
Why time management

Common time robbers

Common time robbers


Common tips
Time Management Matrix/Eisenhower matrix
SWOT Analysis
SMART goal setting
ADKAR model of change