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Build Amazing Job Board with PHP MySQL Bootstrap and PDO

What you will learn

Learn to set up the right environment when getting started with coding

Build a complete authentication system

Learn to do advanced coding with hashing and un-hashing passwords

Warp your head around cool programming concepts like validations

Limit the user ability to access sensitive data by protecting it

Learn to deal with sessions and customize them based on your needs

Create a full profile system and learn to update it like a pro

Build a real world job system and fully control it for both job seekers and companies

Create a category system

Set up layers and layers of validations for various profiles on your web app

Create an admin panel and learn how it works under the hood from start to finish

Learn to work with Database complicated queries like (Joins and Wild Cards)

Build a multi input based search form

Learn to fix bugs along the way of developing this web app

Learn file uploading and how to fully update and delete it

Create an amazing admin panel


In this course, you are going to both build a massive project and have fun, We will begin by setting up our config, and do the authentication system up to finishing the admin panel. There is a lot to get into when we are talking about building a project of this size, of course. So if you learned PHP, MySQL a little bit of PDO, and Bootstrap and want to train your skills you are in the right place. You are going to be exposed to a lot of different parts of web development areas and techniques and so on. This should be a rich experience for you if you are stuck with tutorials and do not know when to start when building projects. Also, there are going to be a lot of bugs along the way and we are going to solve them together, so be prepared for some real coding.

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Let’s take a quick deep dive into what we are going to be building. The first thing naturally is the config part of the app and then the fully validated customizable authentication system, and then we are going to create a full profile system, and while we are at it we are going to learn how to update it. after that, we are going to get into a very serious part and that is the job posting that’s when we are going to do a lot of validation because only the companies are going to create the jobs, show, delete, and update them. And then we are going to take a look at another important part and that is applying for jobs and that’s only going to be for job seekers and we will implement the categories system and we will take care of various forms of general parts inside the website like displaying certain data, validations and search input and so on. And of course, there is a lot more to add to this. So if this looks like something you are interested in building, don’t hesitate to join the course now!!






Before you Start
Installing Xampp
Installing VS Code

Getting Started with the Project

The Design and Code for this Project
Config File
Setting up the Project Structure

Authentication System

Register Page
Login Page pt.1
Login Page pt.2
Starting with Sessions pt.1
Starting with Sessions pt.2
Validating the Auth System pt.1
Validating the Auth System pt.2

Creating Profile System

Creating Public Profile
Updating Profile pt.1
Updating Profile pt.2
Updating Profile pt.3
Fixing Bugs pt.1
Fixing Bugs pt.2

Creating Job System

Creating Jobs
Showing Jobs for every Company
Showing a Single job pt.1
Showing a Single job pt.2
Showing Related jobs pt.1
Showing Related jobs pt.2
Deleting Jobs
Validating Delete Jobs
Updating Jobs pt.1
Updating Jobs pt.2

Applying for Jobs and More

Applying for Jobs pt.1
Applying for Jobs pt.2
Applying for Jobs pt.3
Saving jobs
Validating and Fixing Bugs pt.1
Validating and Fixing Bugs pt.2
Validating and Fixing Bugs pt.3
Showing Saved Jobs for every Worker
Showing Job Applicants for every Company

Categories and Finishing User Side

Showing Categories
Showing Jobs for every Category
Showing Workers
Showing Companies
Showing Latest Jobs
Searching for Jobs
Working with Trending Keywords pt.1
Working with Trending Keywords pt.2

Getting Started with Admins

Design and Code for Admin Panel
Logging Admins in pt.1
Logging Admins in pt.2
Showing Admins
Creating Admins

Finishing Categories (Admin Side)

Showing Categories
Creating and Deleting Categories
Updaing Categories

Finishing Jobs(Admin Side)

Showing Jobs
Deleting and Changing Job Status
Validating and Fixing Bugs