A Sample Course from Introduction to Process Engineering for Feedback and Testing

What you will learn

The fundamentals of process PFDs and Material Balances

Why take this course?

This course will teach process engineering students and professionals, and those who often interface with process engineers, like managers or mechanical engineers, the fundamentals of PFDs, material balances and process separator design in the oil and gas industry.

This course is intended to be run as a trial for BP Azerbaijan, but anyone is welcome to take it while it’s posted on Udemy. We intend to use this trial to gain feedback from you about this learning format and to, hopefully, create a full suite of process engineering and mechanical engineering training courses for engineers all over the world.

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The course is short but packed with valuable information. We worked hard to condense the most pertinent and relevant information on this subject that engineers will be using in the day to day professional activities.

We hope you enjoy this first trial. If you found this valuable and would like more please leave feedback here and pass on any positive feedback to your training and development manager.