Set a strong foundation for your performance testing career by understanding all the basics you’ll ever need.

What you will learn

Fundamentals of performance testing

What is software performance testing?

Why performance testing is required?

General overview of how performance testing is done in a typical project

Understand different phases of performance testing

Understand performance testing life cycle

An overview of different types of performance tests

An overview of frequently used performance testing terminologies

Why take this course?

Start your performance testing career right here. This course will teach you all the basics you will ever need to start a lucrative career in performance testing field.

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Starting with understanding what is performance testing, this course will make you familiar with performance testing life cycle and different types of performance tests.

Performance testing is riddled with lot of concepts, understanding which can be daunting for new performance testers. Therefore, to make new performance testers’ life easier, this course gives an overview of all the important terminologies related to performance testing.