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T-Shirt Design with Mockup from Beginning to Advacned

What you will learn

Use of Adobe Photoshop

T-Shirt Design in Photoshop

Use of Adobe Illustrator

T-Shirt Design in Adobe Illustrator


In this course you will learn How to create or design your own custom T-Shirt In Photoshop. This course is for Intermediate skill levels, so you will find this course easy to follow if you have basic photoshop knowledge. You will learn how to design a fire fighter tshirt, how to design hero soldier or I’d rather die like a man than live like a coward tagline design, how to design a wanted black and white tshirt, how design a lumberjack tshirt using only with elements. You will have class project for every lessons, so once you will learn a lesson you will have to do class project so than you will have practice during learning.

What This Course Includes:

· Free T-Shirt Mock up

· Complete PSD File

· Life-Time Access

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· Support From Me

· Free Design Graphics and Elements

· New Updates Often

So once you will complete this course you will be able to design a t-shirt in Adobe Photoshop CC and you will now the sites in where you can sell the design of your t-shirt. Let me clear you one things that once you complete this course you will be able to upload or create gigs on fiverr for selling your tshirt as well as you will learn how to sell tshirt design in teespring. So this tshirt design masterclass is perfect for you if you want to learn t-shirt designing.




Panels Introduction
How To Create A New Document
Basic Selection Tools
Scale and Rotate Tool
Pen Tool
Typography T-Shirt Design
Typography T-Shirt Design Mockup
Logo T Shirt Design
Logo T Shirt Mock up – Copy
RockBand T-Shirt Design – Copy
RockBand T-Shirt Design MockUp