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Organic Chemistry the Easy way : Complete isomerism including structural and stereo Isomers.

What you will learn

Understanding: Students will understand the concepts of isomerism and their types in organic chemistry

Structural Isomerism: Introduction to Structural Isomerism their types like chain,position,metamerism,tautomerism.

Stereo isomerism: Understanding different types of stereomers including configurational and conformational Isomers.

Optical and Geometrical isomerism: Students will understand the different terms of Optical and Geometrical Isomers like Cis-Trans, syn-anti ,R and S configurati


This organic chemistry course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of isomerism and it’s types.

Key Concepts:


Understanding the concept of Isomerism and it’s types in organic chemistry.

Structural Isomerism:

Understanding the structural isomerism and it’s types including chain isomers, position isomers, metamers , Functional group isomers and Ring Chain isomers.


Understanding of tautomerism ,enol content and how conjugation and Hydrogen bonding affects enol content.

Stereo isomerism:

Understanding the stereo isomerism and how different organic compounds exist in three dimensions including configurational and conformational isomers.

Configurational Isomers:

Understanding different Configurational Isomers like Geometrical and Optical Isomers and their different Configurations.

Geometrical isomerism:

Learning different types of geometrical isomers including Cis-Trans, Syn-Anti and E and Z Configurations.

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Optical Isomerism:

Understanding the optical isomerism having different Configurations.


Identification of organic compounds whether they are optical active or optically inactive using polarimetry.


Understanding how compounds are stereo isomers but not mirror images of each other known as diastereomers.


Meso Compounds

Racemic Mixture

Understanding different Configurations like R and S Configuration, D and L Configurations for sugars, dextrorotatory and levorotatory Configuration, Erythro and Threo compounds.

Conformational Isomerism:

Understanding conformers of different organic compounds, dihedral angle. Conformers of ethane, butane and hexane ars explained.

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Structural Isomerism-2
Metamers and Functional group Isomers
Isomeric Number
Degree of Unsaturation
Percentage Enol Content
Introduction to Stereo isomerism
Tetrahedral and square planar Environment
Geometrical Isomers
Syn-Anti Isomers
G.I. in Cumulene
G.I. in Spiro Compounds
G.I. in Monocyclic Compounds
G.I. in Cycloalkenes
E an Z Configuration
Properties of Geometrical Isomers
Optical Isomers Introduction
Plane of Symmetry and Center of Symmetry
Meso compounds
Racemic mixture
R and S Configuration-1
R and S Configuration-2
D and L Configuration
d and l Configuration
Conditions for Optical Activity and Optical Isomerism
Pseudo Optical Isomers
Number of Optical Isomers
Conformational Isomers