Doctoral Capstone Overview

What you will learn

Understand sensory motor development and its importance on integration of primitive reflexes

Identify how retained primitive reflexes effect a child’s academic and occupational performance

Recognize occupational therapy’s role in sensory motor development and reflex integration in school settings

Define how the objectives and artifacts relate to and promote sensory motor development and reflex integration in a school-based practice setting


Hello, and welcome to the Udemy Course on Occupational Therapy & Education on Sensory Motor Development and Primitive Reflex Integration within a School-Based Practice Setting!

In this course, you will learn about programming sensory motor development and primitive reflex integration, and occupational therapy’s unique role in a school-based practice setting. This Udemy course contains lectures, resources, and literature reviews to support the learning of the topic and the importance of the use of sensory-motor development and reflex integration in schools. The resources and handouts included in this lecture are downloadable PDFs to support further learning and education in this area of practice. The information provided in this course was developed based on evidence-based research and professional clinical experiences over a 14-week doctoral capstone experience. At the end of the presentation, there is a short quiz to assess the knowledge gained from this course. This presentation also provides various references at the end of the presentation that supported evidence-based research and resources. This course is to help educate those interested in an occupational therapy student’s experience while developing a sensory-motor program in a school-based practice setting.

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Feel free to message the instructor with any questions and feedback you may have related to this topic and presentation. Thank you for taking the time to view this course, and hope you enjoy and take something away from learning about sensory-motor development and primitive reflex integration, and occupational therapy roles in a school-based practice setting.



Doctoral Capstone Overview

Needs Assessment & Literature Review
Capstone Overview

Learning Objective #1

Sensory Motor Programming Handouts
Sensory Motor Inservice
Return to Learn Sensory Motor Inservice

Learning Objective #2

Sensory Motor Pre-Test/Post-Test
Sensory Motor Programming for Individual Students
Reflex Integration & Sensory Activities for Classroom

Learning Objective #3

Sensory Motor & Primitive Reflex Educational Handouts


Questions for Participants