The Beginner Guide: Learn the Basics of Privacy and Security in just 30 Minutes

What you will learn

How to Get Started on NordVPN for the First Time

Why you should use a Reliable VPN Provider

Common Data Breaches

Learning about other Nord Products


Do you want to learn more about Privacy?

Do you want to learn about VPNs ?

Do you want to know why You should have a VPN?

Do you want to be a part of the Most Reliable VPN Provider?

Do you want to learn about Other Nord Products?

Are you tired of Watching Countless Tutorials and Spending Hours of your time Finding Crumbs of Information?

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The NordVPN Course is:

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Easy to understand and is designed in explanatory video format to convey basic information about the NordVPN app in a way that makes everything clear and simple. You will receive detailed explanations with examples. The course starts with creating your Creating your NordVPN Account, Learning about VPNs and the Importance of Having One

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Welcome to NordVPN

How to Get Started on NordVPN
Common Data Breaches

NordVPN Top Features

How to Connect to NordVPN
Highlights of NordVPN
Perks of Having NordVPN
3 Funny Facts About NordVPN

NordPass & NordLocker Introduction

NordPass & NordLocker
NordPass & NordLocker Use-Cases
Using NordVPN (From My Point of View)

The End

Course Recap
The Final Lesson