Learn modern Java using Hands-on Step by Step approach. Learn Java 13, Java 12, Java 11, Java10, Java 9, Java 8 features

What you will learn

You will learn and understand latest java programming

You will learn and understand the developer features added in Java13, 12, 11, 10, 9 & 8

Java8+: You will completely understand Lambda expression

Java8+: You will learn how a real world application is created using Lambda expression

Java8+: You will completely understand Streams, Stream Operation, Numeric Streams and Optional

Java8+: You will learn about the functional interfaces

Java8+: You will learn what are default and static methods of Interface

Java8+: You will learn about the new DateTime API, LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime

Java9+: You will learn about JavaShell

Java9+: You will learn about module system and how to create modular applications

Java9+: You will learn about Factory method of collections

Java9+: You will learn and understand Try-with-resource

Java10+: You will learn and understand the new type “var”

Java10+: You will learn about GC1 enhancements

Java11+: You will learn and understand the new HTTP Client API

Java11+: You will learn about Epsilon GC

Java12+: You will learn about Switch Expressions

Java13+: You will learn about Switch Expressions Enhancements

Java13+: You will learn and understand TextBlocks

Why take this course?

******* Course Overview *******

Welcome to this Amazing course on Java Latest Programming

This course will cover important developer features added in: ​

Java 13, Java 12, Java 11, Java 10, Java 9, Java 8

The course will provide an in-depth understanding of modern java syntax, technology and terminology

The course is for beginners are well as for experienced programmers

If you are taking this course for an upcoming interview, this course covers most of the topics that are asked during Java programming interviews, I am telling you this from my personal experience as I asked these topics myself to gauge candidates understanding of latest java programming and it’s syntax​

Each of my courses come with:

Amazing Hands-on Step By Step Learning Experiences

Real Implementation Experience

The below are the list of modules covered in this course.

***************Course details**********************

Section 1: Introduction


Windows – Java Development Kit Installation Overview

Windows – Installing Intellij IDEA

Mac – Java Development Kit Installation Overview

Mac – Installing Intellij IDEA

Intellij IDEA Configuration

Git Repository Link

Development Environment Setup – Import Code

Section 2:Lambda Expressions – Java8+

Java8+ : What is Lambda

Java8+ : Lambda Expression (Part 1)

Java8+ : Lambda Expression (Part 2)

Java8+ : Runnable Example With Lambda

Java8+ : Comparator Example With Lambda

Java8+ : Callable Example With Lambda

Section 3: Functional Interfaces and Lambdas – Java8+

Java8+ : Functional Interfaces

Java8+ : Consumer Functional Interface (Part 1)

Java8+ : Consumer Functional Interface (Part 2)

Java8+ : IntConsumer, LongConsumer, DoubleConsumer

Java8+ : BiConsumer Functional Interface (Part1)

Java8+ : BiConsumer Functional Interface (Part2)

Java8+ : Predicate Functional Interface (Part1)

Java8+ : Predicate Functional Interface (Part 2)

Java8+ : IntPredicate, LongPredicate, DoublePredicate

Java8+ : Predicate & BiConsumer

Java8+ : BiPredicate Functional Interface

Java8+ : Function (Part 1)

Java8+ : Function (Part 2)

Java8+ : BiFunction

Java8+ : Unary Operator

Java8+ : Binary Operator

Java8+ : Supplier

Java8+ : Method Reference (::)

Java8+ : Examples of Method Reference

Java8+ : Convert to Method Reference

Java8+ : Constructor Reference

Section 4:Lambda Variable Scope – Java8+

Java8+ : Variable Scope, Final & Effectively Final

Section 5:RealWorld Example Using Lambda – Java8+

Java8+ : Bank Transfer Example

Section 6:Streams – Java8+

Java8+ : Stream Introduction (Part 1)

Java8+ : Stream Introduction (Part 2)

Java8+ : Inside Streams

Java8+ : Collections vs Streams

Java8+ : Debugging Stream

Section 7:Stream Operations – Java8+

Java8+ : map()

Java8+ : flatMap()

Java8+ : distinct(), count(), sorted(), allMatch()…

Java8+ : Customized sort using comparator

Java8+ : filter()

Java8+ : reduce() (Part 1)

Java8+ : reduce (Part 2)

Java8+ : map + filter + reduce

Java8+ : max() with stream and reduce

Java8+ : min() with stream and reduce

Java8+ : limit() and skip()

Java8+ : findAny() and findFirst()

Section 8:Stream Generators – Java8+

Java8+ : Generating Stream with of(), iterate(), generate()

Section 9:Numeric Streams – Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Numeric Streams

Java8+ : IntStream

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Java8+ : LongStream

Java8+ : DoubleStream

Java8+ : sum(), max(), min(), average()

Java8+ : Boxing, Unboxing

Java8+ : mapToObj(), mapToLong, mapToDouble()

Section 10:Collectors Operations – Java8+

Java8+ : joining

Java8+ : counting()

Java8+ : mapping()

Java8+ : minBy(), maxBy()

Java8+ : summingInt(), averagingInt()

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 1)

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 2)

Java8+ : groupingBy (Part 3)

Java8+ : maxBy(), minBy(), collectingAndThen(), summarizingInt()

Java8+ : partitioningBy()

Section 11:Parallel Streams – Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Parallel Streams

Java8+ : Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 1)

Java8+ : Sequential vs Parallel Performance (Part 2)

Section 12:Optional – Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction to Optional

Java8+ : empty(), ofNullable(), Of()

Java8+ : orElse(), orElseGet(), orElseThrow()

Java8+ : IfPresent(), isPresent()

Section 13:Default And Static Methods Of Interfaces – Java8+

Java8+ : Introduction of Default And Static Methods

Java8+ : Default Methods

Java8+ : Creating an Interface with Default/Static Methods

Java8+ : Multiple Inheritance

Java8+ : Conflicts in Multiple Inheritance

Section 14:New DateTime APIs : Java8+

Java8+ : new DateTime Introduction

Java8+ : LocalDate – get and create

Java8+ : LocalDate – modify

Java8+ : LocalTime – get and create

Java8+ : LocalTime – modify

Java8+ : LocalDateTime – get, create and modify

Java8+ : LocalDate and LocalTime from LocalDateTime

Java8+ : Duration

Java8+ : Instant

Java8+ : TimeZones – ZonedDateTime, ZoneId

Java8+ : LocalDateTime to ZonedDateTime

Java8+ : Convert java.util.date and java.sql.date to LocalDateTime/LocalDate

Section 15:Java Shell (REPL) – Java 9+

Java9+ : Java Environment Variable Setup

Java9+ : Introduction to JShell

Java9+ : Getting Started With JShell

Java9+ : Snippet, List and Drop

Java9+ : JShell Shortcuts

Java9+ : Creating Classes

Java9+ : IntelliJ IDEA JShell

Section 16:Module System – Java9+

Java9+ : Introduction to Module System

Java9+ : Example Modular Application

Java9+ : Creating a Modular Application

Java9+ : Modular Application and Maven

Section 17:Factory Methods For Collection – Java9+

Java9+ : Collections Factory Methods

Section 18:Try-with-resources – Java9+

Java9+ : Try-with-resources

Section 19:Type Interference with var – Java10+

Java10+ : var type with examples

Section 20:GC1 Improvements – Java10+

Java9+ : Garbage collection first algorithm improvements

Section 21:var with Lambda – Java11+

Java11+ : Adding var to Lambda

Section 22:Epsilon GC – Java11+

Java11+ : Epsilon GC

Section 23:New Http Client – Java 11+

Java11+ : Http Client API

Section 24:Switch Expression – Java 12+

Java12+ : Switch Expression Intro with Example

Java12+ : Switch Expression with action in cases

Section 25:Switch Expression Enhancements – Java 13+

Java12+ : Switch Expression with yield

Section 26:TextBlocks – Java13+

Java13+ : Multiline TextBlocks