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Discover the Secret to Master Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP, Uncut Video Training for NLP Practitioner!

What you will learn

Introduction to NLP: Overview of NLP principles, history, and key concepts.

Explore the conscious utilization of language through the Milton and Meta model approaches.

Discover a time-tested framework for effective coaching and mentoring.

Acquire a step-by-step process for setting meaningful goals and taking decisive actions.

Calibration: The process of accurately perceiving and interpreting someone’s internal states and responses through observation.

Develop the skills to establish genuine rapport with others and build trust.

Harness the power of anchoring to take full control of your thinking and emotions.

Modelling excellence: Studying and emulating the patterns of successful individuals to enhance personal development and achievement.

Time-based techniques: Exploring methods for resolving past traumas, releasing negative emotions, and creating future desired states.

Parts integration: Resolving inner conflicts by integrating and aligning conflicting parts within oneself.

Strategies: Understanding and eliciting the internal sequences of thoughts and actions that lead to specific behaviors or outcomes.

Language patterns: Utilizing specific language patterns and structures to influence and communicate effectively with others.

Submodalities: Techniques for working with the finer details of sensory experience to change perceptions, emotions, and behaviors.


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In this segment, you will gain an introduction to the methodologies, components,

Cognitive and Emotional Paradigms

Segment 2

Understanding the human mind

Segment 3

The Four Types of Representational Systems: For Effective Communication

Segment 4

Empowering clients: The Swish Protocol and Language Patterns

Segment 6

Change Process: Eye Accessing Cues, Submodalities, and the Mapping Across Protoc

Segment 5

Mastering Communication: Feedback, Presuppositions, and the Meta Model Explained

Segment 7

The Milton Model and Anchoring

Segment 8

The Circle Of Excellence

Segment 9

Anchoring Applications

Segment 10

Six Step Reframe Protocol

Segment 11

Parts Integration, Adopting Creativity Strategy and Exploring Perception

Segment 12

Add-On Perceptual Positions

Segment 13

Levels Of Change & Wrap-up

Segment 14


Ericksonian Hypnosis I
Ericksonian Hypnosis II