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Mastering ChatGPT Prompt Engineering Principle to Practical
ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: The Ultimate Guide to Effective Communication with ChatGPT. Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT.

What you will learn

How to set up Chat GPT account

Understand the Large Language Model (LLMs)

Introduce Chat GPT algorithm in generating desired outcomes. How does Chat GPT work? How effectively does it condense the information to deliver the desired out

Leverage Chat GPT for the career opportunities in various fields such as AI, heath care, content creators,….

A step-by-step instructions to utilize Chat GPT for your work

Some common mistakes should avoid while searching in Chat GPT

Apply Chat GPT for different aspects of life, including education, social media, ideas, work, marketing, health


It goes without saying that Chat GPT is an increasingly popular and indispensable chatbot among people from different parts of the world. It is greatly powerful in dealing with tough questions and suggesting the best solution for users based on what they type in the chat box.

In some cases, ChatGPT might not give the expected answer if users don’t give it clear instructions with the right prompts. Thus, this course was created to address these issues by equipping you with all of the primary to advanced prompts to effectively leverage Chat GPT for your work.

The course will cover the following key aspects:

Introduce prompt engineering: the definition of it, the necessity of prompt engineering in using Chat GPT

Set up Chat GPT: ChatGPT UI tour, openAI’s pricing plan, create Chat GPT account

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Large language model (LLM) Fundamental: the definition of it, Randomness of Output, two types of LLMs

ChatGPT Prompting principle: elements of prompt, use delimiters, structured output, check condition satisfied, “few-shot” prompting, Specify the steps required to complete a task, Instruct the model to work out its own solution before rushing to a conclusion

ChatGPT Prompting best practices: Direct and follow-up questions, Specificity – Clear and detailed instructions, Format response, Avoid Impreciseness, Explain it like I’m five, Zero-shot, then few-shot, Act as someone, Using tones.

These main applications will definitely be useful to you for almost all cases in your work or even daily life. Any ineffectiveness you might encounter in life will be addressed in this course by an expert in IT _ Nguyen Nhat Truong

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Course Introduction

Introduce course, benefits of this course, who are the course for?
What is Prompt Engineering in AI and career opportunities
Preview ChatGPT’s usage

ChatGPT: Introduction, Setup, Workflow

Setting up chatGPT account
ChatGPT UI tour, openAI’s pricing plan

Large language model (LLM) Fundamental

What is LLM – How does it really work?
Randomness of Output
Different types of LLM

ChatGPT: Prompting principle

Elements of Prompt
Principle 1: Write clear and specific Instruction – Tatic 2: Structured output
P1: Write clear and specific Instruction – Tatic 3: Check requirements
Principle 1: Write clear and specific Instruction – Tatic 1: Use delimiters
P1: Write clear and specific Instruction – Tatic 4: “Few-shot” prompting
Principle 2: Give the model time to think – Overview
Principle 2: Give the model time to think – Essential steps to complete a task
Principle 2: Give the model time to think – Work out its own solution

ChatGPT: Prompting best practices

Direct and follow-up questions
Specificity – Clear and detail instructions
Format response
Avoid Impreciseness
Explain it like I’m five
Zero-shot, then few-shot
Act as someone
Using tones


You did it! Congratulations on finishing this course!