Learn Next JS basics and build full stack apps with the Next JS framework!

What you will learn

Learn all key Next JS features like pre-rendering, SSR, data fetching, file-based routing.

Learn how to build client-side and full stack React JS apps with Next JS

Implement Authentication Using Next Auth Google Provider

Build real projects and apply what you learned


This course will take you from Next JS beginner to advanced level in no time!

We’ll start at the very basics, no Next JS knowledge is required at all, and we’ll then dive into all the core features that make up Next JS where all concepts will be applied step-by-step.

For this course, you’ll need basic React knowledge.

In detail, this course will cover:

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  • What is NextJS? And why would you use it?
  • Creating NextJS projects from the ground up & understanding folder structure
  • Working with file-based routing
  • Adding dynamic routes
  • Navigate between pages using Next/Link and Next/Router
  • Implementing different forms of page pre-rendering and server-side rendering
  • Working with data and adding data fetching + pre-fetching to your apps
  • Pre-generating dynamic and static pages
  • API routes and fetch data from API routes
  • Adding authentication to Next JS apps using Next Auth Google provider

What should you know before taking this course?

You should know JavaScript basics and modern JavaScript features like arrow functions, restructuring, the spread operator

You should also know the basics of React.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who want to learn the most in demand skill of a web developer
  • Developers that want to be in the top of Next JS Developers
  • React/Web developers who want to build static or hybrid (static + SSR) web apps with NextΒ·js



What this course is Not
Create a Next JS App and understanding the folder structure

File Based Routing

Create our first page and concept of index route
Concept of nested routes
Dynamic routes
Navigate between pages using Next/Link
Navigate to dynamic pages using Next/Link
Alternate way of navigating using Next/Router

Data Fetching And Pre Rendering

Data fetching using GetStaticProps
Api call using getStaticProps
Dynamic routes and getStaticProps
GetStaticPaths and getStaticProps
Data fetching using getServerSideProps
Client side data fetching using useEffect hook
Client side data fetching and useSWR hook

Api Routes

Create first api route
Fetch data from api routes and display in our ui

Authentication Using Next Auth

Introduction to Next Auth and how authentication works in Next JS
Get Client ID and Client Secret key
Create nextauth route and sessionProvider
Sign in and sign out functionality