A brief introduction to business process management: What the approach encompasses, its benefits, and recent evolution.

What you will learn

What BPM is and why traditional approaches are no longer relevant

What the new era of BPM is and how SMBs can benefit from it

How workflow automation helps increase productivity

How business process management and workflow automation can help to organize processes within your company

What low-code and no-code BPM software is and their differences

The most widespread myths about low-code and no-code software

How BPM solutions support team collaboration, communication, and process analysis to optimize business process efficiency

How to select the right solution for your business needs


In today’s competitive market landscape, every business has to be as efficient as possible to succeed. Traditional manual processes consume time and burn through money, while at the same time, increasing the chance for human error.

And that’s where business process management (BPM) comes into play. BPM, or business process management, is a combination of methods used to analyze, measure, optimize, and automate a company’s business processes.

Business process management got its start in the late ‘90s and was seen as a breakthrough at the time. However, the world is changing, and technologies are constantly developing. Now, the traditional BPM approach is no longer enough for businesses to succeed.

We created this course to represent the new generation of BPM software to help users enhance their workflows by selecting the most suitable type of BPM solution for their field of activity.

In this course, you’ll learn about the key features of BPM software for the new era and how different industries benefit from it. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to differentiate between BPM and workflow automation and understand which one you need, as well as get valuable knowledge for choosing the best solution for your business.

Enjoy your learning experience!

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BPM essentials


How has BPM changed?

Business process management vs Workflow automation – which one do you need?

Enhancing SMB productivity with workflow automation tools

No-code vs low-code

Top 9 myths about no-code and low-code apps

BPM statistics for 2020

Choosing the right solution

Final thoughts

Knowledge check