Learn the Skills Necessary to Represent Yourself Effectively

What you will learn

Students will feel more confident in representing themselves in conversations that require negotiations that could be consequential.


You can Earn More Now!

Everyone works one way or another in life. You’ll be happier when your compensation reflects your dedication and effort as a result of negotiating betters and benefits.

Gain the skills and the confidence needed to effectively communicate on your behalf and your family’s behalf. You can use the skills you will develop in this course in a community or professional setting to accomplish your goals. Learn the art and the science behind negotiating for richer compensation packages normally reserved for elite executives.

Join me for this informative class derived from 4 decades of experience negotiating in professional and private settings.

You can Earn More now!

You can feel more satisfied at work now!

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Why Suffer When You Can Negotiate Better Terms?

Why Risk moving for a better Job?

My unique career path has taken me from welding in a shipyard to a Senior Associate Dean at the University of Southern California. I’m certain we can learn from each other!

Everyone can benefit from learning how to negotiate to create more satisfying conditions at work and home.

Practicing develops confidence even in little ways as you gain the skills to negotiate significant financial transactions, or even important personal matters.





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