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What you will learn

Creativity and Spontaneity

The awareness of the existence of our inner child

Emotional healing

Emotional Management

Improving relationships with others

Joy and Lightness



Healing your inner child is a personal journey, and different techniques work for different people based on their backgrounds and experiences.  Some people find traditional therapy effective, while others prefer creative approaches like inner child-centered meditation, writing, or artistic expression.

The key is to establish a daily emotional connection with your inner child and repair the wounded parts of yourself. Engaging in self-care practices, such as comforting activities or nurturing hobbies, is crucial in this healing process. Take time to explore these different approaches and find what works best for you. If needed, seek the support of a professional coach or therapist.

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Reconnecting with your inner child is a profound healing journey, a shortcut worth taking as it is the shortest path to our well-being and personal growth. It involves understanding your childhood experiences and how they have shaped your journey through patterns of positive and negative thoughts and emotions and going through a healing process with love, compassion, understanding, tolerance, and forgiveness.

By caring for our inner child, we can heal old wounds and find peace and serenity. In short, reconnecting with your inner child through various healing techniques and self-care practices is a journey toward personal growth and emotional well-being. By nurturing and healing your inner child, you can find peace and fulfillment in your life.



My Inner Child- Introduction

My Inner Child – Introduction

Episode 1 – Fear


Episode 2 – Childhood scars

Episode 2 – Childhood scars

Episode 3 – Siblings Rivalry

Siblings Rivalry

Episode 4 – Reparenting my Inner Child

Reparenting my Inner Child

Episode 5 – Your Inner Child, the Key to Personal Development

Your Inner Child, the Key to Personal Development

Episode 6 – Meditation to balance your Chakras

Meditation to balance your Chakras