Method Lesson 2 focuses on fluency. Speaking with fluency will help your speech or presentation sound authoritative.

What you will learn

Speaking with fluency

Improve concentration

Eliminate bad speaking habits

Improve control of stutters and stammers


Have you ever been in fear of public speaking or been in dread of getting up to speak in front of an audience? Be assured, you are not alone in the way you feel. There are ways for you to build confidence in the way you speak and to feel comfortable speaking in front of a group of people. Anyone can achieve this confidence with the right tools and practice.

We’ve designed eight classes that pinpoint eight different speaking methods that will help you achieve success in public speaking. This class encompasses the second of eight speaking methods in the Ovation Public Speaking tutorial. The subject is Speaking with Fluency.

The class is designed to aid you in speaking fluently before an audience, so that you can be well understood and professional. This class will benefit any student who wants to excel at public speaking at school or also any business professionals who want to excel and build their career.

Highlights of this course:

·Speaking Speed

·Thinking Before You Speak

·Improving Concentration

·Sight Reading

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·Eliminating Bad Habits

Includes the following:

·Over 20 minutes of Instructor Video

·Interactive Practice Sessions

·Skill building exercises


The way this class is structured is by dividing it into two parts. Each part will have video lectures first. Throughout the video lectures there are interactive practice sessions, practical suggestions, and tips on ways you can practice and improve for each point. You are invited to pause the video during the lecture and practice the point. At the end of each part, there are a series of exercises to help you practice and gain experience, and lastly there is a quiz.

This comprehensive course can be taken at the pace of the student. It requires a basic understanding of English, and a desire to improve your speaking ability.



Speaking Speed, Thinking Before You Speak, & Concentration

Speaking Speed
Think Before You Speak
Excercises & Conclusion
Quiz 1

Sight Reading & Speaking Habits

Sight Reading
Reduce Regressions
Eliminate Word Whiskers
Control Stuttering
Excercises & Conclusion
Quiz 2