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Arabic for life from zero knowledge in Arabic to MASTERING

What You Will Learn

Read Arabic language from the beginning.

Ability to read and write Arabic in easy way.

Invest short time to gain maximum knowledge in Arabic language.

Ability to communicate with Arabs around the world.

We will learn the Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) that is understood in all Arab countries.


  • paper and pen to practice the Writing skill.


Did you straggle with learning Arabic?

Do you want to start and you don’t know How?

Save your time and let me guide you with a good and easy method to upgrade your level fast from scratch to proficient.

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In this course, you will learn :

  1. Arabic letters
  2. position position of letters
  3. Hard & soft letters
  4. Writing letters easily
  5. short vowels
  6. reading words & sentences with Fatha.
  7. reading words & sentences with Kasra.
  8. reading words & sentences with Damma.
  9. reading words with Sakoun .
  10. reading words with long vowels .
  11. reading words with Shada.
  12. reading words with Tanween.

Some tips to learn new language

Have you ever said, β€œI’m not good at learning new languages?” This is your brain making a prediction about your skill set. If you really explore the truth of this statement, you’ll likely have to admit that you haven’t given language learning much of a chance.

Perhaps your only experience trying to learn a language was in your high school . Maybe a one-on-one tutor could customize your learning experience and help you reach your goal.

Also, many language-learning apps employ features that align with the latest research about how our brains best learn new languages. It’s possible that techniques such as asking you to write, read, and listen during the same lesson will help you learn vocabulary more quickly, for example.

Keep in mind, though, while all the apps and virtual language tutorials available to us now remove one big barrier to learning a new language, if you doubt your own abilities, technology cannot help you. So find a way to shut down those negative thoughts and get prepared mentally.

Get rid of your negative thoughts and let’s start it NOW.

Who this course is for:

  • Arabic and Quran learners
  • If you want to apply for a job that requires mastering the Arabic language
  • If you want to learn Arabic for academic reasons
  • If you love languages, and want to add Arabic to languages that you can speak
  • travel and hobby to visit Arab countries to easy communicate with other