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Mastering 8D Problem Solving : A Step-by-Step Guide
Practical Guide with Templates and Assignments

What you will learn

Understand and apply the 8D problem-solving methodology to address organizational challenges.

Identify root causes of problems and design effective, sustainable solutions.

Enhance collaboration by assembling and leading cross-functional problem-solving teams.

Evaluate the impact of solutions, ensuring continuous improvement and preventing recurrence.


Wondering what sets our course apart in the vast sea of problem-solving tutorials? Let’s dive right in.

To begin with, we champion the ethos of experiential learning. Rather than restricting you to theoretical knowledge, we introduce you to our virtual enterprise, “Streamify.” Here, you’re not just absorbing information; you’re actively engaging with real-world scenarios. Imagine this: For every theoretical concept you encounter, “Streamify” provides a real-time challenge, allowing you to apply, analyze, and perfect your understanding in a tangible context.

But our offerings don’t end there. Along with insightful content, we furnish you with bespoke templates – tangible tools designed for practical applications. While understanding the ‘why’ and ‘how’ is vital, having ready-to-use tools to implement the ‘what’ is what truly empowers you to transition from learning to application seamlessly.

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Evaluating your progress is key. After each 8D segment, you’ll face meticulously crafted quizzes – not just mere Q&A sessions, but thought-provoking challenges compelling you to delve deeper into the core concepts.

Yet, our most prized feature? Authentic assignments replicating real-life situations. Here, you’re encouraged to apply, make mistakes, recalibrate, and learn. This iterative learning process is what metamorphoses a novice into an adept problem-solver.

In essence, our course isn’t just an instructional guide—it’s an immersive journey marrying theory with practicality, ensuring you emerge not just informed, but transformed and equipped to conquer any problem-solving challenge thrown your way. Join us and redefine your problem-solving prowess!




What is 8D Problem Solving
Our Use Case – Streamify

D0: Obtain Management Support and Resources

D0: Obtain Management Support and Resources
Quiz 0

D1: Establish the Team

D1 – Establish the Team
Quiz 1

D2: Describe the Problem

D2 – Describe the Problem
Craft a Problem Statement
Use – “Is- Is not Matrix”
Create a Process Flowchart
Create Fishbone Diagram
Categorize the Problem
Develop a High Level Plan
Quiz 2

D3: Develop a Containment Action

D3 – Develop a Containment Action
Verify Effectiveness of Containment Actions
Quiz 3

D4: Define and Verify Root Cause(s) and Escape Point(s)

D4: Define and Verify Root Cause(s) and Escape Point(s)
Quiz 4

D5: Choose and Verify Permanent Corrective Actions

D5: Choose and Verify Permanent Corrective Actions
Quiz 5

D6: Implement and Validate Permanent Corrective Actions

D6: Implement and Validate Permanent Corrective Actions
Quiz 6


D7: Prevent Recurrence
Quiz 7


D8: Recognize Team and Individual Contribution
Quiz 8