Foundational training

What you will learn

Students explore elements of mandatory training including stress management in brief.

Students will access some methods to manage stress.

Elements include; what, why, who, when and how?

Students look briefly at mandatory training courses -as a list.


Mandatory training for holistic therapists

The purpose of this course is to support holistic, well-being practitioners, to have an understanding of mandatory training connected to employment; maybe you are a self-employed practitioner or an employee of a spa or clinical setting, this will assist in knowing your obligations.  This information could also apply to people working outside of the clinical settings.


Brief and basic information around the mandatory elements of training for employment purposes in England.  This is a free short course.  There is no certification of completion.  There are no assignments or exams.

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Here in the UK a person who enters any workplace to undertake employment duties require mandatory training.   This short course shares with students information of this subject area.  For holistic therapists, who may work in different health care settings, having a basic knowledge of mandatory training can help them to identify other work related training such as health and safety at work, First aid and other safety regulations.

This course follows

What, why, who, where, when of mandatory training, and a brief look at the UK legislation around this, there is also a brief list of the subject areas that mandatory training covers and a quick overview of managing stress in the workplace and my free reiki meditation to help with this problem.




Introduction to mandatory training
Lecture 1b Getting around the platform
What is mandatory training?
UK legislation around mandatory training
Who needs mandatory training?
Why is mandatory training is important?
When do you need mandatory training?
Where do you get mandatory training?
A list of topics that mandatory training covers
Managing Stress in the workplace
Reiki meditation to ease stress
Breathing practice to ease stress.
Final thoughts about mandatory training.
Student Bonus Section.