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Discover over 100+ Time-Saving Microsoft Excel Shortcuts and Pro-Level Tricks for Seamless Data Management.

What you will learn

Learn essential Excel shortcuts to boost productivity and work smarter in spreadsheets.

Discover time-saving Excel shortcuts for quick navigation and data manipulation.

Master Excel’s keyboard shortcuts to streamline tasks and become more efficient.

Gain confidence in using Excel shortcuts to perform calculations and formatting effortlessly.

Enhance your spreadsheet proficiency with time-saving tips and lesser-known Excel shortcuts


Master Microsoft Excel efficiency with this comprehensive course, covering essential shortcuts and techniques to supercharge your Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Start by navigating sheets and workbooks seamlessly, learning tricks for grouping, ungrouping, renaming, moving, and deleting worksheets.
  • Advance to Formatting Shortcuts, where you’ll discover rapid formatting techniques, apply cell styles and themes, implement conditional formatting for intuitive data visualization, and use custom number formats to enhance data presentation.
  • Customize your Excel experience with the Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar, creating personalized tabs and easy-access buttons tailored to your daily needs.
  • Save time by efficiently navigating data and mastering techniques for swift movement across cells and ranges.
  • Dive into Date & Time shortcuts, exploring Excel’s logic and operations for dynamic functions in your sheets. Explore Tables, Pivot Tables, and Pivot Charts to unlock dynamic features for powerful data visualization, including tools like slicers.
  • Learn number formats, editing shortcuts, and row/column techniques to streamline your daily Excel workflow. Conclude with formula shortcuts, formula auditing, and naming cells/ranges for simplified formula building.

Bonus: Get over 10 advanced Excel tricks to elevate your skills to pro level. Upon completion, significantly reduce time and energy spent on manual Excel operations. Get access to practice workbooks, sheets, and useful PDF resources.

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Designed for beginners to intermediate users, this course caters to professionals in finance, HR, sales, and various careers, as well as entrepreneurs juggling multiple roles.

Whether you seek smarter methods for daily tasks or want to enhance your Excel proficiency efficiently, this course is tailored for you.




Excel Course Workbook
Setup, Equipment & Housekeeping

Sheet & Workbook Shortcuts, Tricks & Tips

Navigating between Worksheets & Workbooks
Grouping and Ungrouping Worksheets
Renaming, Moving and Deleting Worksheets

Formatting Shortcuts

Formatting Shortcuts for Cells and Text
Applying Cell Styles and Themes
Conditional Formatting for easy Data Visualisation
Custom Number Formats for Data Presentation

Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar

Customising the Top Ribbon
Maximizing Efficiency with the Quick Access Toolbar
Adding and Managing Commands

Navigation Shortcuts

Efficiently Moving Around Large Worksheets
Jumping to Specific Cells and Ranges
Using the Name Box for Quick Navigation

Date & Time Shortcuts

Entering Dates and Times Effortlessly
Calculating Date and Time Differences
Using Date and Time Functions

Table Shortcuts

Creating and Managing Tables with a Few Clicks
Sorting and Filtering Data in Tables
Table Formatting Tricks

Pivot Table Shortcuts

Building Pivot Tables Quickly
Customising Pivot Tables for Analsyis
Expanding and Collapsing Pivot Table Fields

Chart Shortcuts

Creating Stunning Charts in Seconds
Modifying Chart Types and Styles
Dynamic Charting Techniques

Number Shortcuts

Formatting Numbers for Clarity
Applying Currency, Percentage, and Accounting Formats
Rounding and Truncating Numbers

Editing and Other Shortcuts

Copying and Pasting Tricks
Undo and Redo Smartly
Find and Replace Techniques

Row & Column Shortcuts

Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns Effortlessly
Hiding and Unhiding Rows and Columns
Adjusting Row Height and Column Width with Precision

Formula Shortcuts, Tricks, and Tips

Building Formulas Faster
Using Named Ranges and Cell References
Debugging and Auditing Formulas

Bonus Tricks & Hacks

Bonus Tricks & Tips

Course Conclusion

Congratulations! You Finished
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