A practical, hands-on approach to using ML for SEO correlation (best on Mac OS)

What you will learn

How to gather and prepare SEO data for machine learning

How to setup a machine learning database

How to configure deep learning algorithms

How to analyze machine learning results for actionable SEO insights


Machine learning can be an intimidating subject, especially considering the many aspects of math and science behind it. But what if you don’t know Python, don’t really want to go back and re-learn advanced math concepts, and really just want to jump in immediately to doing ML for SEO purposes. What if you could just get the 5% of ML that is most practical to every day SEO? Well, then THIS is the course for you! In this crash course, we’ll immediately dive into the core concepts of ML most applicable to everyday SEO as well as start building our first models and visuals within the first few lectures.

If SEO is any part of your work or interests, then this is a must-have for taking your career and business to the next level!




Introduction & Setup


Dataiku download and setup

Data preparation

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Machine Learning Modeling

Configuring models

Filtering and spot-checking

Running models

Evaluating results

Charting results

What’s Next?

10 things you can do with what you learned today?

Exploring BigML (Dataiku alternative)

Resources and further learning