Learning Audiate from Scratch
Edit Narrations like Text

What you will learn

narration editing

audio editing

audio narration editing


Techsmith Audiate is an Audio Narration editing application that lets you edit audio as if you are editing text.

Even if you are a beginner, you can easily follow along this course as unlike most audio editing software, this application allows you to easily edit your narrations which saves your time as well.

In this course, we are going to look at all the features that the tool provides to edit recorded narrations easily.

We will start off the course by touring around the interface to get familiar with the application.

This will be followed by editing options such as recording audio narration, using word correction options, silencing of audio, adding in silences where necessary and deleting hesitations.

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Also, we will be working with waveform editor, reprocessing audio, and audio settings.

We will then also see how we can export audio and script as needed and import audio and edit it.

We will also see how we can import and cut music using Techsmith Audiate.

After learning all the features of the application for editing narrations, we will see an example project and then wrap up the course.

Hope that you will enjoy learning Techsmith Audiate with me and utilize what you learn to its fullest.




Touring the Interface

Editing Options

Recording Narration and Starting Editing
Word Correction and Editing
Silence Audio and Insert Silence
Silence and Delete Hesitations
Working with Waveform Editor
Reprocess Audio
Audio Settings

Exporting and Importing Options and Wrap Up

Exporting Audio.mp4
Exporting Script
Importing Audio and Editing It
Importing and Cutting Music
Sample Project