Learning Adobe Fuse from Scratch
Create 3D Characters with Ease

What you will learn

3D Character Design

3D Character

3D Design

Character Development

Exporting 3D Character


Adobe Fuse is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud applications which is a simple 3D character design application from Adobe that lets you design and edit 3D characters with ease by choosing parts as you require and pulling and pushing them to change the appearance. In this course, we are going to look at the features and tools provided by the application to work with 3D character design.

In this course, we will start by looking at how to work with 3D Characters, use clothing and props options followed by exporting the Model to be used with different 3D applications.

We will explore the ways we can work with the Head, Arms, Body, and Legs and modify them to our liking. We will also look at how we can customize the props available in the application as per our needs.

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We will then look at exporting and publishing features and see how we can animate the character that we design using Mixamo. Finally, we will wrap up the course with an example project.

You can follow this course even if you are a complete beginner and are totally new to 3D Design.

This course has been made using Adobe Fuse 2017 but is applicable for older and newer versions of the application release as well.




Fuse Interface
3D Navigation
Drag and Modify Head
Modify Geometry Directly
Customize Options for Head Shape
Customize Options for Facial Expressions
Customize Options for Teeth

Working with Body

Torso and its Customization Options
Arms and its Customization Options
Legs and its Customization Options
Tops and its Customization Options
Bottoms and its Customization Options
Shoes and its Customization Options
Hats and its Customization Options
Beards and its Customization Options
Gloves and its Customization Options
Moustaches and its Customization Options
Masks and its Customization Options

Working with Textures

Basic Texture Parameters
Object Parameters
Working with Hair Parameters
Working with Materials and Color
Skin Customization
Eyes, Teeth and Other Customization Options
Shading Modes
Adding Image Plane and Image Plane Settings
Saving Preset
Add Matching Parts
Edit Items and Search Tags

Exporting Options and Animating in Mixamo

Exporting 3D Model and Textures
Uploading to Mixamo
Choosing and Adjusting Animation in Mixamo
Exporting Animation from Mixamo

Example Project and Goodbye

Example Project