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Creative Fitness for lazy people
New creative exercise you won’t find online with scientific explaination

What you will learn

Will achieve fitness inside your room without spending money for travel

If you are lazy you will get proactive at a very cheaper price compared to gyms.

If you are struggling with obesity and other diseases, you will be relieved

You will learn extremely new fitness exercises for lifelong and even teach others.

My exrecises are extremely new and creative . You won’t find them in any gym or any youtube video.

I am an Electrical engineer. So I have explained every exercise in scientific manner. So you will understand how it works.


I will be teaching you extremely new exercises in every video that you won’t easily find online. It will be a mix ofย  yoga, flexibility, dance based, stretching, jumps etc all combined. You will be able to do easy relaxing fitness exercises in their room without going anywhere. I will explain it in a scientific manner, like how the nerves, muscles, bones work. So you will understand what you are doing. My course will have Yoga, dance, fitness, jumps, boxing, running, jumping, exercises for the backbone, neck for office people, flexibility based. I will be talking to you while teaching so you won’t feel bored at all. Just switch on the video , keep doing it and we will slowly improve it day by day. You will be able to maintain fitness, body flexibility and agility and will feel fresh throughout the day. You can also become a fitness instructor after watching my video. If you have any health issues it will be gone. When I searched online for fitness videos I just found men and women wearing uncomfortable tight clothes and ultra fit or glamourous which looked very impractical to me. I could not associate with them. I wanted someone like me, like a friend or buddy who can guide me. So I decided to become one for the world- someone like you. Join me to know more.

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Warmup for Neck & Head
Warmup for Hands & Shoulders
Warmup for Waist and Arms
Warmup for legs