Realize Your Full Potential By Practicing The Powerful Techniques Of Acceptance And Present Moment Thinking

What you will learn

Practice acceptance

Learn present moment thinking

Practice mindfulness

Learn about the power of now

Techniques for letting go of the past

Use acceptance and mindfulness in relationships

Use acceptance and mindfulness to deal with anger and emotions

Understand self-fulfilling prophecy

Techniques for using acceptance and mindfulness to create happiness

Techniques for accepting others and improving relationships


In this course, Learn The Power of Acceptance (In 1 Hour), you will benefit from learning how to practice everyday methods of acceptance and present moment thinking. Acceptance is important, because we must learn to accept people, places and things as they are, before any growth can begin. Practicing acceptance can be difficult at times, but if we don’t accept things, we can’t move on, and then we might find it hard to change the way that we think.

  • We start with learning what acceptance is, how to practice techniques for self-acceptance, and learn how these techniques can benefit you.
  • We will then focus on the power of present moment thinking, options for utilizing the power of now, ways to release the past, and how to practice acceptance for mindfulness.
  • Using mindfulness to cope with anger is then explored, along with how to understand self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • Conscious awareness techniques are then practiced, and we will also focus on emotional acceptance and its role in happiness.
  • In addition, we will explore the concept of letting go, what mindfulness meditation is, and then practice exercises for present moment awareness.
  • Finally, this course will benefit you by demonstrating how accepting others and respecting their boundaries will allow for better relationships.





What Is Acceptance?

Accept The Past

Cultivating Acceptance

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Acceptance and Mindfulness

Practicing Acceptance Every Day

How To Practice Acceptance For Mindfulness

How To Use Mindfulness To Cope With Anger

Acceptance and The Present Moment

Focusing On The Present Moment

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy And The Present Moment

How To Live In The Present Moment

Acceptance and Emotions

Accepting Emotions Improves Mental Health

Acceptance And Letting Go

Using Present Moment Awareness To Deal With Anxiety And Worry

Accepting Others

Accepting Others For Who They Are