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Learn to code with confidence

What you will learn

Introduction to T-SQL syntax


This course is based on writing syntax for T-SQL.  It is strictly code base and will not cover database architecture or performance.  You will learn the basics and step into intermediate SQL code. You will learn some real life applications of using the SQL code. Quiz will be based on real life scenarios so that you can start to learn to think like a SQL Developer.

You can get started and follow along in the course using the free SQL Server addition which will replicate an actual working environment that you can then expand on on your own.

You do not need any prior experience to take this course.  If you are not using Microsoft T-SQL not all of the modules will work exactly as in the video course.

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The course will start with basic syntax and functions.   The course will then move to the where clause and some intermediate topics.

With the explosion of data I believe SQL will be the backbone of the IT industry for years to come.  This course will help you get the ball rolling and establish a good foundation if you are a beginner.  If you are a business user or even a full stack developer having strong SQL skills can improve your individual worth and team’s performance.



Install Sample Database

Install SQL Server
Install Sample Database

Introduction to SQL

Select Statement
Select Top
Min Max
Upper Lower
Count Avg Sum
Concat Function
Quiz 1 Answers
Quiz 2 Answers

Where Clause

Where IN
Where LIke
Quiz 3
Quiz 3 Answers
Quiz 3

Grouping Ordering and Filtering

Order By
Group By
Case Statement
Quiz 4
Quiz 4 Answers