As per the course curriculum towards degree/ diploma courses in education

What you will learn

Psychological Perspective of Education and learning and competency as per the requirements.


The modules covered include the psychological perspective of education and learning with reference to concepts of educational psychology, cognitive theories, hierarchy of learning, intelligence, creativity, personality and educational psychology and its methods.

The teachers who motivate, differentiate, make content relevant and leave no student behind are more important than any other factor in particular. For students like the subject only when they like the teacher and is hence a directly proportional element within a classroom. The drive by the teacher in the class, with the vocabulary is signified with the equilibrium of learning together rather than teaching. The say, “Teachers know the best”, activates wisdom just in the say but in action. The sole reason for this far-fetched approach lies in the nutshell element of an easy approach of open knowledge which is free, versatile and dual with surprises. The satisfaction and the wow element within classrooms only prevails where there is a taste of “It is in the book, Ma’am, tell us something new!” As a teacher, it is our wisdom to inculcate the “I can do approach” instead of “I shall try approach” and that is universally possible only when we use kind words in the class. Compliment each kid, specially the difficult ones. That might be the only positive thing they hear all day.

The cognitive development during the childhood and its implications along with the defence mechanism have been dealt  with reference to the course and curriculum through references.






Development & Educational Psychology

SR & Cognitive Theories

Gagne’s Hierarchy Theory of Learning

Intelligence & Creativity

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HEREDITY as determinant of Personality

A Mentally Healthy Person

Methods of Educational Psychology

Characteristics of Cognitive Development

Meaning of Learning

Bruner’s Theory of Learning

Spearman’s Two Factor Theory of Intelligence



Defence Mechanism