Sprinkle magic everywhere by using IDIOMS in your English communication.


What you will learn

Students will be able to use idioms in their communication with great confidence and ease.



Vocabulary aspirants,
Here I am with your favorite course “Speak  English Effectively with  IDIOMS”. I hope you would love to be part of it as it will enrich your language.
Embellish your language with jewels of IDIOMS.

This course comprises interesting & effective video lectures, examples and quizzes to help students imbibe IDIOMS easily. You will fall in love with IDIOMS after taking this course. You will be able to understand and use in your daily conversation. Using idioms in our conversation embellishes our language and help convey our expressions easily and effectively. Therefore, Some effective techniques are used to explain the idioms which will help students learn them easily and encourage them use it effectively. Idioms are limitless , however we shall make endeavors to learn those idioms which will help us communication our daily conversation. Idioms are kind of expressions which will make your written and oral communication very easy and very impressive, nevertheless whatever the style we are communicating in. IDIOMS are music to everybody’s ear and this course offers you a bouquet of idioms which will fragrant your language and communication.

So start sprinkling the magic in your English Communication. Lets start the journey of learning IDIOMS and add feather to your cap.

Get Set GO.





Hey !! Let’s have introduction of the course.


Let’s Learn IDIOMS

‘Keep Pace with ‘

give a cold shoulder

call spade a spade

leave no stone unturned

keep something at a bay

in a nutshell

plough the sand

Quiz Time

take someone for a ride

turn a blind eye

turn a deaf ear

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bad hair day

bad hair day 2nd

bear the brunt

face the music

Quiz Time

against my grain

fish to fry

follow the suit

in a hot water

noisy parker

pick holes in one’s coat

Quiz Time -3

Practical Conversation using IDIOMS

practical enactment

Enactment of students

Enactment of students

Get Set Go…………….:)

Some Notes

end of the session