From ‘What is Product Management’ to ‘How do Product Managers work’ to ‘A Sample Interview Roleplay’, all gets covered

What you will learn

Basics of the Product Management Domain

Understanding roles and responsibilities of Product Manager

The Work Week of a Product Manager (Amazon Case Study)

Resume Building & Networking

The progression of a Case Interview


The Beginner’s Guide on Product Management course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of product management and guide on how to break into Product Management. Whether you’re a budding product manager or someone interested in gaining insights into this dynamic field, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to start off in the world of product management.

Course Format : The Beginner’s Guide on Product Management course is delivered through a combination of 28 lectures spread across 6 sections, comprising of live examples, interactive slide, product case study, and based on that, a sample interview. Multiple relevant additional resources are provided to students during the course to support their learning journey.

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Who Should Attend:

  1. Anyone looking to break into Product Management and build a strong foundation for the same.
  2. Professionals wanting to transition into Product Management from various other domains.
  3. Entrepreneurs and startup founders interested in understanding the product management basics.

By the end of the Beginner’s Guide on Product Management course, participants will possess a solid understanding of the key principles and methodologies that will help them break into Product Management . Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be prepared to tackle the challenges of product management.



Basics of Product Management

Introduction to Product Management
Product Manager’s Work in Offline Domain
Product Manager’s Work in Online (Internet Tech) Domain
Product Manager’s work at Amazon’s PDP Team
Why is PM getting so much of traction?
Who do Product Managers work with?
Skills required to be a Product Manager
Product Managers Salaries & Career Path

Product Manager’s Work

Introduction to Product Manager’s scope of work
Product Development Lifecycle 4D Framework: Discovery, Define, Deliver, Diagnose
Amazon Returns Problem Statement & Discussion
Discovery Phase
Define Phase
Development Phase
Diagnose Phase & Closure

Resume Building & Common Mistakes

Introduction to Resume Building
Power/Action Words
Skills & Certification


Networking – Mistakes & Tips

Portfolio & Brahmastra

Portfolio Building for Product Managers
Brahmastra (Ultimate weapon for getting noticed)

Interview Guidance

Introduction to Product Manager interviews
Common Interview Questions asked for Product Management roles
Mock interview (roleplay) for Product Manager Interview Round
Interview Analysis
Behavioral Questions