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Explore this course to convert yourself to build Professional Java programs independently

What you will learn

Outline the project reguirement

Understand and design project flowchart on your own

Identify and manage project risks

Build every kind of Java project from start to end


Hi, I am Suvarna from India.

The new course Learn Java to master is now live!

I am here not only to teach you coding but also to love it when you code it.

I wish my every student should enjoy the programming process.

There is wide range of programmers who earn only depending on the Java Java is there source of income and their Job is to make real world Java applications-as smartly as possible.

To stand strong in this competition ,you need to be very smart and passionate programmer.

Each and every topic is covered in detail with theory and practical part.

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This includes everything from variables and array to packages and interfaces and from Generics to AWT and Swing.

After learning complete course you will be able to understand Java with every possible aspect.

And also code real world Java applications easily.

The only thing you have to do is completely learn the course thoroughly and do hard work for practical.

So that you will have confidence to build Java programs from your own.

Thank you for being here. I bet you’ll never regret having this course instead you’ll be happy for it.

So let’s begin our journey from scratch to passionate Java programmer! Cheers!




Overview of Java
Simple Java Programs

Datatype,variables and arrays

Datatypevariables arrays theory part1
Datatype,variables and arrays theory part2
Datatype,variables arrays practical part 1
Datatype,variables and arrays practical part2

Operators in Java

Operators in Java

Control Statements

Control statements theory
Control statements practical part1
Control statements practical part2

Introduction to Classes

Classes theory
Classes practical part1
Classes practical part2

A Closer look at Methods and Classes

A Closer look at Methods and Classes theory part1
A Closer look at Methods and Classes Theory part 2
A Closer Look at Methods and Classes theory part3
Methods and Classes Practical Part1
Methods and Classes Practical Part2
Methods and Classes Practical part3
Repetition practical part2 and 3 (Methods and classes)


Inheritance theory part1
Inheritance theory part2
Inheritance theory part3
Inheritance practical part1
Inheritance practical part2
Inheritance practical part3

Packages and interfaces

Packages and interfaces theory part1
Packages and Interfaces theory part2
Packages and Interfaces theory part3
Packages and Interfaces practical part1
Packages and Interfaces practical part2

Exception Handling

Exception handling theory
Exception handling practical


Multithreading theory part1
Multithreading theory part2
Multithreading theory part3
Multithreading practical part1
Multithreading practical part2
Multithreading practical part3

Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annotations(Metadata)

Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annoations theory (part1)
Enumerations,Autoboxing,annotations theory part2
Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annotations Theory part3
Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annotations theory part4
Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annotations theory part5
Enumerations,Autoboxing and Annotations practical

Input Output in Java

Input Output in Java theory part1
Input Output in Java theory part2
Input Output in Java theory part3
Input Output in Java practical


Generics theory part1
Generics theory part2
Generics theory part3
Generics theory part4
Generics theory part5
Generics practical

String Handling

String Handling theory part1
String Handling theory part2
String handling theory part3
String handling practical part1
String handling practical part2

Exploring Java.lang package

Exploring Java.lang theory part1
Exploring Java.lang theory part2
Exploring Java.lang theory part3
Exploring Java.lang theory part4
Exploring Java.lang theory part5
Exploring Java.lang practical part1
Exploring Java.lang practical part2

The Collections framework

The Collections framework theory part1
The Collections framework theory part2
The Collections framework theory part3
The Collections framework theory part4
The Collections framework theory part5
The Collections framework theory part6
The Collections framework theory part7
The Collections framework theory part8
The Collections framework practical part1
The Collections framework practical part2

More Utility classes

More Utility classes theory part1
More Utility classes theory part2
More Utility classes theory part3
More Utility classes theory part4
More Utility classes theory part5
More Utility Classes theory part6
More Utility classes practical

Exploring Input Output in detail

Input Output in detail theory part1
Input Output In detail theory part2
Input Output In detail theory part3
Input Output In detail theory part4
Input Output In detail theory part5
Input Output in detail practical


Networking theory part1
Networking theory part2
Networking theory part3
Networking practical part1

The Applet Class

The Applet class theory part1
The Applet Class theory part2
The Applet Class theory part3
The Applet Class theory part4

Event Handling

Event Handling theory part1