The easiest way to trade Forex with simple Trading Signals

What You Will Learn

Learn the easy way to make profit in Forex

How to setup MT4 with broker

Trade with by following simple Signals

Profit from daily trading


  • Have smart phone with internet
  • Have account with OctaFX broker
  • Have minimum trading balance of 50$


I have created this course to simplify the easiest way of trading Forex with much accuracy.

When you follow up with this simple strategy, explained in this course, you will be able to perfect your trading habit.

This course will guide you on how to use a simple and well analyzed Trading Signal to trade and profit more in the forex market.

Registering in this course will give you the knowledge of using Forex Signals to trade which has:

☑️ Daily 10 – 15 signals

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☑️ Only scalp signals

☑️ Only Short term (1 – 12 hrs)

This is to help you to better your trading and understanding of Forex.

Here, you will be introduced to what Forex is and some past history of Forex, what Broker is and the example of broker you can use which is OctaFx as was used in the sample.

You will get to know how to setup MT4 and MT5 plus how to place your first trade accurately.

Then Order Types are explained with examples. Order Types which include:

  1. Buy Limit
  2. Buy Stop
  3. Sell Limit and
  4. Sell Stop

Live trades are used to explain these types of orders to make it well understood by everyone.

Enroll in this course and be ready to learn life changing skill.

Who this course is for:

  • All traders both beginners and professionals
  • Those that aims for Financial Freedom