Kundalini Reiki Level 1-3 Master training and free attunements.

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How to open your Kundalini energy

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This course will allow you to become a Kundalini Reiki Master, you’ll learn Levels 1-3 which will also allow you to train your own students. This training is provided by Joshua Chaney, a certified Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher and founder of the Kundalini Reiki Association which includes the School Of Energy Medicine.

What is Kundalini Reiki?

The term Kundalini Reiki means rolled up energy and refers to the coiled energy channel that resides in everyone’s body. This energy channel is coiled at the bottom of your spine , at the level of the root chakra .

In order to use this energy, it must be activated. The awakening of the energy channel is accompanied by strong spiritual, mental and physical feelings. After activation, you feel exceptionally well connected to the source of life.

Kundalini Reiki is an addition to the traditional Reiki system with more possibilities and applications for your own spiritual development and that of others.

What does Kundalini Reiki do?

With Kundalini Reiki you work on the flow of the energy channels without blockages. Blockages in your energy channels can prevent your energy from flowing properly. When the energy does not flow properly, you suffer from physical and emotional imbalance.

Kundalini Reiki ensures that the balance in your chakras is restored and the energy can flow freely through the body. Kundalini Reiki therefore has a cleansing and stabilizing effect and ensures that you get more energy.

You’ll work with the energy that is hidden within each of us

Everyone has the Kundalini energy in them, the energy source only needs to be activated to use this energy. When the Kundalini energy is awakened, you will notice this immediately. This energy has a direct positive effect on your body and mind.

Learning Kundalini Reiki: The Three Levels

It is not necessary to take a traditional Reiki course first, you can take a Kundalini Reiki course if you have not received traditional Reiki initiations in the past.

There are three levels of Kundalini Reiki courses : for beginners, advanced and masters. During a Kundalini Reiki course, your chakras and energy channels are cleansed and balanced, upon which the powerful Kundalini energy is activated.

After the course you can heal yourself , but also heal others directly or remotely with Kundalini energy. When you reach the title of Kundalini Reiki Master (the third level), you are also allowed to learn and initiate others in Kundalini Reiki. 

Kundalini energy allows you to heal yourself and others. However, it is a very powerful energy that also directly affects your body and mind once the energy is activated.

You will notice that you become more creative , you can concentrate better , your self-confidence improves, you experience more empathy for your fellow human beings, your goals and wishes become clearer , you become healthier , you learn to accept and you will sleep better .

In short, Kundalini ensures that your self-development takes flight. Moreover, those who already had experience with Reiki or laying on of hands will experience that the energy flows you work with are many times more powerful and effective .

Combine Kundalini Reiki with other healing methods

There are various healing methods that use the universal life energy, such as traditional Reiki, laying on of hands, magnetism, yoga and meditation. When you combine such a method with Kundalini Reiki, you will notice that the energy you work with is much more powerful.

Those familiar with Kundalini Yoga will characterize the activation of the energy as complicated and very powerful. Compared to this, the method of Kundalini Reiki is much more universal because this method is easier and less dynamic.

Kundalini energy stimulates self-development

In every body the Kundalini energy is rolled up at the root chakra. When the energy is activated, it rolls out from top to bottom, from the tailbone towards the crown.

Everyone is able to fully or partially activate this energy channel. However, the process does not stop with the activation of this energy, we continue to develop ourselves after the activation. By working with the Kundalini energy on ourselves or the other, the energy helps us to develop spiritually.

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Thus the energy helps us in the pursuit of a higher self. We get to know ourselves – our true self – and learn more and more how to organize life according to our ideals.

In Hinduism, Kundalini is a type of life force energy. For unawakened people, it’s found lying dormant at the base of the spine.

On the other hand, kundalini opens up other chakra channels for awakened people. Kundalini awakening has several benefits. One of these is an enlightened consciousness.

However, only a few have the ability to get a grip on kundalini awakening in a short amount of time. There’s no specific length.

However, the process of awakening takes patience and dedication. As one master puts it, ” Kundalini awakening can be as long as counting the particles of sand on a jar”.

This is where reiki comes into play. In Kundalini Reiki, practitioners utilize reiki to hasten the activation of Kundalini.

Practitioners state that reiki has the ability to unlock chakra channels in the body which restrict or prevent the fast activation of Kundalini. Usually, unlocking these channels takes years of meditation.

But this isn’t the case with Kundalini Through activation may not happen right off the bat with reiki, the process is faster nonetheless.

Reiki is universal energy. Therefore, it acts as a catalyst for the activation of Kundalini which is a form of life energy.






Quick Reference guide

Quick Reference guide

Unlocking your Kundalini energy!

Watch the Kundalini Awakening video and experience a Kundalini Reiki session.

Level 1 training

Level 1 Kundalini training.

Level 2 Kundalini Reiki training.

Level 2 Kundalini Reiki training.

Level 3 Master Kundalini Reiki training.

Level 3 Master Kundalini Reiki training.

Receiving Attunements to finalize training.

Receiving Attunements to finalize training.

Attunement Relaxation video.