Learn the basis of JavaScript, including programming fundamentals you can take to Java, PHP, Python and Node.js

What you will learn

Write JavaScript basic applications

Know basic programming construction


JavaScript can help revitalize your html pages.

JavaScript along with HTML and CSS are the 3 core languages of the internet.

This course was created specifically to help you learn, all the basic JavaScript. And lay a powerful foundation for beginners in writing JavaScript code.

  • Learn types in JavaScript

  • Working with variables, how to hold values and manipulate with variables

  • Consider what are the arrays and objects in JavaScript

  • Functions is a very powerful tool that allows you to execute bunch of code just by referring to the function name.

  • Scopes in JavaScript

  • Speed up work with JavaScript methods

  • Conditions and switch statements allows execute different code depending of the conditions.

  • Save time with Loops

  • Source code used within the course is also provided

  • Everything you need to learn JavaScript and more

  • New language structures.

  • Condition structures.

You will be amazed at how easy it is to start writing JavaScript code. It will be a wonderful trip. Let’s begin write JavaScript code.

In this course you will use HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and JQuery. Although we will use all of these skills, no prior experience with them is needed. Of course, you may pick things up a little faster if you have used them before, but at the start of the course, things are explained in ways that target people who have never used the skill before.

Finally, this project is a lot of fun and I know you’ll have a great time implementing your own unique ideas as well as the ones we implement together. What are you waiting for?




JavaScript from Scrath

Introduction to JavaScript

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Javascript first steps

JavaScript comments

Javascript Debug

JavaScript types

JavaScript variables

Operators in JavaScript

Arrays in JavaScript

Objects in JavaScript

JavaScript functions

Javascript Scopes

JavaScript useful methods

Conditions in JavaScript

Loops in JavaScript

Course conclusion