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The Course will maximize your chances to get an interview and an offer! Lead Instructor ex banker at Morgan Stanley

What You Will Learn

How to approach the investment banking recruiting process

Corporate Finance concepts you need to know to pass the interview (accounting, valuation etc.)

Practice an M&A Case Study

Practice Online Test Q&A (math, verbal, logical, situational)

Take the Online Interview Simulation with 30 questions (math, valuation, brain teasers)


  • Basic Accounting and Valuation knowledge



The course is offered by Prep Investment Banking, an online platform founded by former investment bankers at Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan, Arma Partners and Evercore.

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The lead instructor is a former investment banker at Morgan Stanley and a private equity associate at Lone Star Funds, the aim of this course is to increase your chances to get an interview and eventually an offer.

The course is made up of 41 short videos (with subtitles, c.3h content)ย with 90+ supporting slides divided into 3 chapters.


The 3 main chapters are:

  1. Introduction to Investment Banking (introduction to the industry; life and compensation; interview process; CV and Cover Letter structure; math, logical, verbal and situational Online Tests; Online Tests Sample questions and answers; HireVue interview format;ย motivational and situational Q&A; financial markets and math and tricky Q&A)
  2. Corporate Finance Preparation (the 3 financial statements; accounting and practice; enterprise value and applications; M&A accretion, dilution and combination; valuation methodologies and practical exercises, Discounted Free Cash Flow, trading multiples, precedent transactions, Leveraged Buyout; WACC and Capital Asset Pricing Model)
  3. M&A Case Study Practice (types of case study; group and individual case study; instructions on how to structure a case study; practice of a real case; identify the best option; solution debrief)

The course also includes:

  • Online Tests Practice Q&A (math, logical, verbal, situational)
  • Online Interview Simulation (motivational, brain teasers, technicals)

Who this course is for:

  • Bachelor and MBA students looking for a career in investment banking