Expertly crafted course for Technical and Non-Technical audience Introducing GenerativeAI Text2Image Stable Diffusion

What you will learn

Understand the Stable Diffusion Technology in-depth – diffusion models, de-noising iterative process, text2image, image2text CLIP technology and origins

Understand Prompt Engineering – Prompt Anatomy, Negative Prompts, Prompt Building using Iterative + Experimentation Approach, Prompt Examples and Resources

Understand Stable Diffusion Parameters and Fine Tuning – Classifier Free Guidance (CFG), Steps, Sampler, Seed, Image Dimensions

Understand Image2image Technology using Stable Diffusion – Image2image, Style Fusion, In-Painting including Add, Remove and Replace, Out-painting, Upscaling

Generate Images and Artwork using Stable Diffusion given a brief, 10+ hands-on guided labs, 15+ briefs, generating over 100+ images during the complete course


Welcome to Introduction to Stable Diffusion Course.

Quick intro about the trainer, I have 17+ years of experience in IT, with last few years at the leadership positions of Decacorns and one of the largest product companies in South Asia. Past 2 years, I have immersed myself in GenerativeAI, Large Language Models, and for past 6 months in Stable Diffusion.

In the past 6 months, I have won various hackathons themed on GenerativeAI and Stable Diffusion. I have launched a GenerativeAI startup, as well as delivered an enterprise grade hands-on online workshop on Stable Diffusion. I have compiled all my learnings, specially last 2 years on GenerativeAI, and past 6 months on Stable Diffusion in this online course.

In this course, you are going to learn in-depth, hands-on on the topic of Stable Diffusion. This course is expertly crafted, and targeted at both technical and non-technical audience. We dive deep into the topic at more than an AI Artist level, but less than a Data Scientist level. You will understand the ins-and-outs of Stable Diffusion technology, and will be able to tie back the controls and parameters of how the AI model works under the hood.

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We cover main applications of Stable Diffusion, including generating art, prompt engineering, negative prompts, iterative prompt engineering with experimentation, parameter tuning – cfg, steps, seed, dimensions, sampler, image2image applications including – variations, doodle to art, in-painting (addition, removal, replacement), out-painting, instruct pix2pix, face restoration and upscaling.

You are going to have 10+ lab guides, generating 100+ art works during the duration of the course, gaining 100% confidence to start producing production quality artwork and image assets by using the tips and techniques introduced in this course.

The course also gives you pointer and guidance on exploring the technology deeper and gain even deeper understanding.

Best wishes and Happy Learning.




1.1 – Welcome
1.2 – Why should you be interested in GenerativeAI Technology Stable Diffusion?
1.3 – Introduction to Stable Diffusion – Curriculum
1.4 – Stable Diffusion Course Series
1.5 – Tools and Setup – PlaygroundAI
1.6 – Tools and Setup – Miro
1.7 – Tools and Setup – Lab Guides using

Prompt Engineering

2.1 – What is Stable Diffusion?
2.2 – PlaygroundAI
2.3 – PlaygroundAI – Lab Guide Demo
2.4 – Prompt Engineering – Introduction
2.5 Prompt Engineering – CLIP or Image2Text
2.6 – Prompt Engineering – Anatomy
2.7 – Prompt Engineering – Iterative Process
2.8 – Prompt Engineering – Iterative Process Demo
2.9 – Prompt Engineering – Negative Prompt
2.10 – Prompt Engineering – PlaygroundAI Filters
2.11 – Prompt Engineering – Miscellaneous
2.12 – Prompt Engineering – Labs Overview

Parameter Tuning

3.1 – Parameter Tuning – CFG, Steps, Seeds, Dimensions, Sampler
3.2 – Parameter Tuning – Quality and Details Lab Demo


4.1 – Image2image – Introduction
4.2 – Image2image – Create Variants
4.3 – Image2image – Style Fusion
4.4 – Image2image – Variants + Style Fusion Demo
4.5 – Image2image – Doodle to Painting Demo
4.6 – In-painting – Object add, remove, replace
4.7 – Edit Image or Instruct Pix2pix
4.8 – Out-painting Demo
4.9 – PlaygroundAI – Face Restoration and Upscale 4x
4.10 – Image2image – Lab Overview


5.1 – Recap
5.2 – Next?