Planning Techniques in Organizations
How To Make Your Activities Well Planned For?

What you will learn

Define planning as the process of deciding in advance

List and discuss the benefits and importance of planning and why organizing or planning fail

List and discuss the several limitations for a good planning and how to overcome them

Discuss the different types and levels of planning as well as the benefits of planning

Discuss how to develop a plan using techniques and tools thus implementing the elements of successful plans

What is MBO



A course on planning can be beneficial for a wide range of individuals. It can also be helpful for people who are looking to improve their skills in organizing, prioritizing, and managing their time and resources effectively. Whether the task is for short-term or long-term, it needs planning. The course indicates the importance of planning, types of planning, principles of planning, and elements of successful planning. It tackles skills as well for organizing your task once you plan for it by focusing on prioritizing the stages of a task. Examples shall be looked at and presented in a simple understandable way.

The objectives of this course are:

*Β To Understand the principles and importance of correct planning

* To Have a clear understanding of the essential ingredients of planning

* To Learn the importance of setting and prioritizing goals and objectives

* To Understand and use planning tools.

*Β To Use the planning cycle for effective results.

* To Set strategic direction, hence, set objectives.

* To Organize and adapt plans for successful implementation

* To Understand and practice the principles of prioritizing work effectively

* To Get organized, plan, and prioritize, and identify the causes of and remedies for procrastination.

*Β To Practice the skills of planning.

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* To Show the importance of To Do’s

*Β To Limit distractions and Interruptions

* To Plan effectively and organize paperwork

Designed For

o Executives

o Directors

o Managers

o Supervisors

o Employees

o Workers

o Event Planners

o Project Managers

o Students




Introducing the Consultant

Planning, Defined

Definition of Planning
Quiz I

Types & Benefits of Planning

Types & Benefits of Planning
Quiz 2

Limitations of Planning

Limitations of Planning
Quiz 3

Principles & Levels of Planning

Principles & Levels of Planning
Quiz 4

The Planning Process

The Planning Process
Quiz 5

Management By Objective

Management By Objective

Section includes exercises and a case

Brainstorming in a Group
Exercise on Priority (HT Assistant example)
Example on priority (list of complaints)