What you will learn

Keeping well designed lists of goals

Learn how to use technology as tools for the success


SMART goals



Its known that whenever someone helps other people with their problems, his or her problems will be solved. So, I decided to create this course because I wanted to share a working method of managing time and goals in life.

The course is designed to be as short as possible and very concise. There are two sections and two quizes to help you emphasize the knowledge learnt during the course.

The first part will be mainly theoretical lectures (definition of self-development, the hierarchy of needs, the reasons why we should set goals, writing SMART goals) also, you will get to know Jim Rhon, an American entrepreneur, and learn from his quotes and a recorded segment of one of his talks. 

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In the second section, you will know how I organize my life and the tools I use. There are articles that are rich of useful resources. You will never regret taking the course!



Introducing self-development stratigies

How to use the Course interface
An overview and how to succeed in this course
Strategies of self-development Part 1 of 3
Strategies of self-development Part 2 of 3
Strategies of self-development Part 3 of 3
Jim Rohn Learn These Skills or Live a Mediocre Life Full Seminar From 1981
Idea: The search for the feeling of accomplishment
Resources in section 1
Knowledge check #1

Practical Application and Tools

Applying a working plan
Summary of the course
Practical steps to apply the course
Resources in section 2
Knowledge check #2