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Manage large amounts of geospatial data with R applied to remote sensing and GIS.

What you will learn

Spatial analysis

Vector processing

Raster processing

Some tidyverse functions


Hello! I invite you to enroll in my course on GIS and remote sensing using R software, which you will be able to combine seamlessly with QGIS, ARCGIS, Google Earth Engine, among others.

Give a twist to your professional career with a new skill that will put you a step above the rest, because programming applied to GIS and remote sensing is here to stay!

R is a program widely used around the world and makes it easy to analyze satellite data. Forget about spending hours processing an image or vector file. Increase your productivity and don’t fill your computer with unnecessary memory.

Forget about having to perform the same procedure over and over again in a slow and tiring way. Create your own programming codes, giving them your special touch, because programming is an art and merged with GIS and remote sensing creates a masterpiece.

Welcome to the world of reproducible research, where through programming codes you will be able to replicate specific tasks and functions as many times as you want and in an easy way.

Be part of the worldwide R community, where everyone helps each other in order to learn as much as possible.

What are you waiting for! It’s up to you to join the world of Big Data in remote sensing!

Sign up for the course and I promise you won’t regret it!

See you in class!






Course scripts

Course files

Load multiple packages


Read shapefile

Analyze shapefile

Reproject vector

Filter a shapefile

Read many shapefiles

CSV to shapefile

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Download country vector data from R

Join Excel sheet with a shapefile

Polygon area

Line length



Filter points within a polygon

Drawing geometries and exporting them as a shapefile


Read raster

Reproject raster

Raster calculator

Polygon to raster

Raster to polygon

Reclassify raster


Crop raster

Calculate NDVI

Extract values from raster

Raster mosaic

Download DEM

Download raster of climatic variables

Last section

Final message