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Data Visualization

What you will learn

To discuss various tools used in data visualization

Identify types of multidimensional visualization

List and discuss various multidimensional visualization tools

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Outline various open source and commercial visualization tools


When dealing with data sets that include hundreds of thousands or millions of data points, automating the process of data visualization makes a designer’s job significantly easier. Consuming large sets of data isn’t always straightforward. Sometimes, data sets are so large that it’s downright impossible to discern anything useful from them. That’s where data visualizations come in. Creating data visualizations is rarely straightforward. It’s not as if designers can simply take a data set with thousands of entries and create a visualization from scratch. Sure, it’s possible, but who wants to spend dozens or hundreds of hours plotting dots on a scatter chart? That’s where data visualization tools come in. Data visualization tools provide data visualization designers with an easier way to create visual representations of large data sets. When dealing with data sets that include hundreds of thousands or millions of data points, automating the process of creating a visualization, at least in part, makes a designer’s job significantly easier. These data visualizations can then be used for a variety of purposes: dashboards, annual reports, sales and marketing materials, investor slide decks, and virtually anywhere else information needs to be interpreted immediately. In this course we will be discussing various Data Visualization tools which will include Multidimentional Visualization(Type I and Type II), Multidimensional Visualization tools, Open source and commercial visualization tools. This topic is mostly a part of any course on data Science and Data Analytics.





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Multidimensional Visualization

Multidimensional Visualization Tools_Part I

Multidimensional Visualization Tools_Part II

Multidimensional Visualization Tools_Part III