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How to increase your productivity the green way

What you will learn

Gain a highly desired skill: green productivity

Ability to conceive a healthy interior strategy and implement it

Create a healthy interior

Advise on ergonomic issues


Thank you for selecting our course, Interior Design for Productivity!

We’ve put a lot of love and science, experience and research, methodology and pedagocy in its development. We are confident that you will enjoy it greatly and count on you for your feedback as we won’t rest until you are 100% safisfied!

Our goal with this course is to DEMYSTIFY interior design and walk you through a virtual interior design CONSULTATION. This course is intended to answer your questions about design, offer you possible solutions with their plus and minus

Watch our 1-minute video presenting its fundamental objective.

The form at of the course consists of multiple 3-10 minute videos, offering a CARTOON-like approach, a HANDS-ON format, in order to make learning FUN!

With almost no efforts, you will easily

  • ACQUIRE fundamental interior design concepts
  • GAIN scientific knowledge in biology and environment
  • MASTER the highly-demanded biophilic design expertise
  • DISCOVER the impact of space design on productivity
  • REFINE your green interior design strategy
  • CREATE your personal design playbook
  • TRANSFORM your own space and
  • INCREASE your wellbeing and your PRODUCTIVITY

Please note that the last part of the course “TRANSFORMING” is still under construction. PLEASE let us know how we are doing so far regarding format and content because, once again, we won’t rest until you are 100% safisfied!







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