Independence 4 America: Navigating Entrepreneurship in today’s Political Climate

What you will learn

Ways to prevent crime thus decreasing cost within a local ecomony.

Developing new business in order to create new opportunity.

Government Efficiency and how we can truly decrease national costs.

Living within our means.


In this course, I’ll show Americans action steps that you can take that are extremely important and that will lead to America being independent of various foreign resources. I, Dr. George Flinn, go over several anecdotes, personal testimonials, and real-world examples of how one can overcome and persist in the world of business and innovation. This course is meant to give people actionable steps that will allow them to bolster their local economies as well as give them a heads up on business and what is occurring in 2022. I even go over how the government is out of money and how we as Americans can avoid the tragedy, which is headed our way, better known as inflation! one two three four five six. Additionally, most people don’t realize how crime contributes to debt, the lack of innovation, and our independence as a country. In this course, I go over a frightening instance where I came home seeing the lights on, the door open, and the glass was broken out in the door which I naturally assumed, someone did in order to gain entry into my home.  I came home to see my television had been ripped off the wall, computers, and ipads had all gone, and drawers had been opened with the contents thrown to the floor. The feeling of infringement had truly taken hold of me as I couldn’t do anything but stand there and feel totally violated in a sense. Ultimately, if we have harsher penalties for people who commit crimes, perpetrators will not roam the streets and people will feel more comfortable starting businesses as well attempting innovation. But, you can’t do that if you don’t feel safe, period!

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Independence 4 America

Crime Reduction – How to Decrease Cost
New Business Development – Persisting through pitfalls in a New Business Ventur
Lecture 4 – Story of Persistence
Government Efficiency – Further Decrease Cost
Living Within Your Means
One more final Message..