Mastering Practical Data Quality Enhancement

What you will learn

Master steps to enhance data quality in real scenarios.

Apply data governance principles using GreenScape Analytics case.

Develop skills to analyze and improve data processes.

Implement practical strategies for ongoing data quality management.


This comprehensive course, “Improve your Data Quality Step by Step” is meticulously designed to guide learners through the intricacies of improving data quality within any organization. Anchored around the model company GreenScape Analytics, this course offers a hands-on approach to understanding and applying the principles of data quality and governance.

Learners will embark on a journey from grasping the foundational concepts of data quality to mastering advanced strategies for data analysis and process improvement. The course structure is built to ensure participants not only learn theoretical aspects but also apply these concepts in real-world scenarios, making the learning experience both engaging and practical.

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Throughout this course, participants will learn to identify data quality issues, implement effective data governance strategies, and utilize tools and techniques for data quality improvement. By using GreenScape Analytics as a use case, learners will navigate through the challenges and solutions in enhancing data quality, providing them with valuable insights and skills that can be applied in various professional settings.

Designed for a wide range of learners, from beginners in data management to seasoned professionals looking to update their skills, this course promises to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful data quality management. Join us to unlock your potential and elevate your data quality management skills to new heights.




About Data Quality
Our Use Case: GreenScape Analytics

Dimensions of Data Quality

Dimensions of Data Quality

Data Quality Roles and Responsibilities

Data Quality Roles and Responsibilities
Chief Data Officer (CDO)
Data Steward
Data Custodian
Data Analysts/Data Scientists
End Users
GreenScape Analytics Roles and Responsibilities

Data Quality Business Rules

Data Quality Business Rules

Data Quality Techniques and Tools

Data Quality Techniques
Data Quality Tools

Data Quality Improvement Approach

Existing Data Quality Frameworks
The PDCA Cycle
Our Approach

The Plan Phase

The Plan Phase
Step1: Identify Current Data Quality Issues
Step 2: Set Measurable Improvement Objectives
Step 3: Develop a Detailed Improvement Strategy

The Do Phase

The Do Phase
Step 4: Implement the Data Quality Plan
Step 5: Execute Data Cleansing and Standardization
Part 2 of the Course