bacterial identification and isolation

What you will learn

Recognize potential pathogens per specimen type

Recognize normal flora & other non-pathogens per specimen type

Plate Reading and Recognize plate contamination

Bacterial identification Test (Biochemical test) specifically for specific bacterial

Detailed study about Gram positive and gram negative bacterial

few details about Antimicrobial sensivity test


Culture and Identification of Bacterial

Culture and identification of Bacterial. It is a course for those interested in clinical microbiology, for medical students and also for medical Practioners. This course introduces students to the microorganism causing diseases, specimen collection and culture and sensitivity. This course will comprise of two major sections, Gram positive bacterial lectures and gram-negative bacterial lectures. Where in each section there are detailed video that will orient you and give you clear understanding about bacterial pathogens. In each section there are presentation about identification tests used for identifying pathogenic bacterial from clinical samples, plate and culture and sensitivity. Clinical important bacterial we will cover in this course includes, Staphylococcus species, streptococcus species, Escherichia coli, salmonella species, pseudomonas species and other gram-negative pathogens.

Total time length for this introductory course is 35 minutes where by it is divided into four parts

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Introduction section, overview section, gram positive section1, gram positive section 2,3 and four, therefore in this course we have covered only gram positive bacterial, where by upcoming course will cover gram negative bacterial and we will be through this course. The goal is to make microbiology interesting for correct diagnosis and clinical decisions at our Hospitals and Laboratories.

Remember this course is for everyone who need to learn and have understanding of bacterial isolation and identification.




learning objective
Content overview

Gram positive bacterial-theory part

Gram positive Bacterial-theory

Gram Positive Bacterial-practical based

Gram positive Bacterial practical 1
Gram positive Bacterial practical 2
Gram positive Bacterial practical 3
Gram positive Bacterial practical 4