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Master OpenPages Fundamentals v2 and become an IBM Certified Associate Developer

What you will learn

The data model used in OpenPages and how to manipulate data within it.

The features and functions of OpenPages GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance).

The implementation process of OpenPages and how to successfully deploy it.

An overview of OpenPages and its key components.

How to configure profiles in OpenPages to meet specific user requirements.

The security model used in OpenPages and how to manage access and permissions.

Tackling 10 questions on the OpenPages Data Model.

Exploring and understanding 14 questions on OpenPages GRC Features and Functions.

Mastering 8 questions on the OpenPages Implementation Process.

Testing knowledge with 8 questions on OpenPages Overview.

Gaining expertise with 8 questions on Profile Configuration.

Understanding 7 questions on the OpenPages Security Model.


Practice tests are a crucial tool to prepare for certification exams, and this comprehensive practice test for the IBM Certified Associate Developer – OpenPages Fundamentals v2 is designed to help students succeed.

With a focus on the key topics of the exam, including the Data Model, OpenPages GRC Features and Functions, OpenPages Implementation Process, OpenPages Overview, Profile Configuration, and Security Model, this practice test provides a thorough assessment of knowledge and skills.

The Data Model section covers questions that test understanding of the data structure and how to work with it within OpenPages. Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of entities, attributes, relationships, and data manipulation techniques.

OpenPages GRC Features and Functions section delves into the various tools and capabilities offered by OpenPages for governance, risk management, and compliance. Students will learn about risk assessment, control testing, policy management, issue tracking, and more.

The OpenPages Implementation Process section focuses on the step-by-step process of deploying OpenPages. Students will gain insights into planning, configuration, customization, testing, and go-live strategies, ensuring a successful implementation.

OpenPages Overview provides a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s core components, such as modules, workflows, reports, and dashboards. Students will be tested on their knowledge of the overall architecture and functionality.

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Profile Configuration explores how to tailor user profiles in OpenPages to fit specific requirements. Students will learn about user roles, permissions, access control, and customization options.

The Security Model section covers questions related to managing access and permissions within OpenPages. Students will understand user authentication, authorization, data privacy, and security best practices.

With a total of 55 questions spread across the various topics, this practice test provides a realistic simulation of the actual certification exam. Each question is carefully crafted to assess knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

By completing this practice test, students will gain confidence in their abilities and identify areas for improvement. Detailed explanations and references to relevant OpenPages documentation are provided to enhance learning and understanding.

Whether preparing for the certification exam or expanding knowledge of OpenPages, this practice test offers a valuable resource for developers, professionals, and individuals seeking to become IBM Certified Associate Developers in OpenPages Fundamentals v2. Prepare thoroughly, measure progress, and secure success with this comprehensive practice test.



IBM Certified Associate Developer – OpenPages Fundamentals v2