Complete course on the topic of Complex Number designed for IB Math AI HL by an IB examiner

What you will learn

IB AI maths Complex Number

The definition of Complex Number

Polar form and DeMovire’s Theorem

Deriving Trigonometric Identities from Complex number


A free course on the topic of Complex Number, designed according to the latest syllabus of IB Math AI HL, under topic 1: Algebra

Designed to the need of an HL student. It also included exam question demonstrations to show IB exam skills.

This course is meant to be quick but covers all the essentials of the topic Complex Number. 

What will students learn in your course?

Definition of Complex Number

Use of complex Plane

Polar form and De Moivres’s Theorem

Roots of Complex numbers

Trigonometric Identities from De Moivres’s Theorem

Detail Content:

Complex Number

Complex plane

Polar Form

Euler Form

Sums, products and quotients in Cartesian, polar or Euler forms and their geometric interpretation

Complex conjugate roots

De Moivres’s theorem

Powers and roots of complex numbers

Bonus content: Trigonometric Identities from De Moivres’ Theorem

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Description from IB Syllabus:

AHL content

Recommended teaching hours: 20

The aim of the AHL content in the number and algebra topic is to extend and build upon the aims, concepts

and skills from the SL content. It introduces students to some important techniques for expansion,

simplification and solution of equations. Complex numbers are introduced and students will extend their

knowledge of formal proof to proof by mathematical induction, proof by contradiction and proof by







Complex Number

The basic

Exponential Form

Exponential Form

Past paper Questions demonstration


Quadratics and phase shift

Questions Demonstration