A practical hand-on course to learn how to secure and own your crypto and prepare for crypto trading onchain.

What you will learn

You will have a sound understanding of what is cryptocurrency ownership on the blockchain

You will understand what is a crypto wallet and how it works

You will learn how to easily transfer your crypto from your Exchange to your private wallet

You will know how to secure you crypto and avoid scams and hacks

You will know the difference between all different wallets, hot and cold wallets

You will be prepared for trading crypto onchain without the use of your exchange


As a cryptocurrency trainer, I am proposing a comprehensive course on securing a crypto wallet and transferring tokens from an exchange to a wallet. I am an action-oriented trainer, I will demonstrate the precise steps you need to take in order to achieve success.

This course provides a thorough understanding of the different types of wallets available, including hardware and software wallets. We will explore the pros and cons of each type, helping you make informed decisions about which wallet suits your needs best.

Security best practices: We will delve into the best practices for securing your wallet and protecting your assets. This includes setting up strong passwords and keeping your private keys safe.

Hands-on experience: The course offers practical, hands-on experience in setting up wallets and transferring tokens between exchanges and wallets. You’ll gain the confidence and skills needed to manage your cryptocurrency securely.

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Avoid common pitfalls: We will discuss common mistakes and pitfalls in wallet security and how to avoid them. This knowledge will help protect you from scams, hacks, and other threats in the crypto space.

Stay updated: This course covers the latest trends, technologies, and security measures in the world of cryptocurrency wallets. As the crypto landscape is constantly evolving, staying informed is crucial to maintaining the security of your assets.

The knowledge and skills gained in this course will empower you to take control of your cryptocurrency assets, ensuring their safety and ultimately protecting your investment. By understanding how to secure your wallet and transfer tokens properly, you minimize the risk of losing your valuable assets.



Introduction to the course

Welcome Aboard !
What you’ll learn in this course
Objectives of this course
Engage !

Where is my crypto ?

A brief recap on Bitcoin & Blockchain
How does an exchange work ?
The price of crypto

What is a crypto wallet ?

Private keys / Public keys
The seed phrase
The metamask wallet
Which wallet for which crypto
Hot wallet / Cold wallet

Withdraw your crypto from your exchange

Withdraw from Binance
Withdraw from Kraken
Send crypto to your exchange
Check your transaction on a bloc explorer
SWAP crypto on Uniswap
Trading onchain with GMX

Secure & preserve your crypto

Avoid scams & phishing
Preserve my seed phrase


Summary of what we have learned
To go further…