Using AI Software as a Foot-in-the-Door to Win New Clients for Your Business

What you will learn

What a ‘foot-in-the-door’ is and how it can be used to get clients for your main services.

How to use some superb, free, AI software as a foot-in-the-door.

How to get 100 licenses for the software at no-cost so you can give them to businesses.

How to get your own copy of the software for free.

The easiest ways to give away the software and how to turn these into sales for your business.


Do you sell any product or service to small business owners?

Would you like a simple way to get your foot-in-the-door with businesses so you can get far more sales or sign up far more clients?

I’m Chris Towland and I’ve been helping small businesses with their marketing for over 16 years. I also teach more than 17000 students in my Udemy courses on how to set up their own marketing businesses.

In this course, I’m going to show you how to use some amazing AI software as a way to get past the gatekeeper and to be able to promote your main products or services to the small business owner.

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Just for being a student of the course, I’ll give you your own free copy of the software AND I’ll give you a full 100 licenses for the software so that you can give it away as your foot-in-the-door with new potential clients.

You’ll also receive promo tools, images and videos to help you to give away the software as well as wording for emails and social media posts AND I’ll show you the very best ways I’ve found to give away the software and how we turn this into new clients for us.

Whether your main service is social media, email marketing, Google Business Profile or SEO, Web design or any other service, you’ll quickly learn how to use the AI software to get you more clients.

There are some preview videos below that shows just what the AI software can do and how great it is, but why not enrol now and you can have your own AI software foot-in-the-door within the next hour!




What is a Foot-in-the-Door?

The A.I. Software

A.I. Software Full Demo
A.I. Software Short Demo (If you don’t want to watch the full demo)
Get your own Free Copy of the Software

Get Your 100 Licenses to Give Away the Software

Get your 100 licenses
Software Upgrade Options

Best Ways to Give Away the AI Software

Introduction to giving away a foot in the door
Giving away your foot-in-the-door – Offline Methods
Giving away your foot-in-the-door – Email
Giving away your foot-in-the-door – Facebook Groups
Giving away your foot-in-the-door – Facebook Ads
Giving away your foot-in-the-door – Facebook Messenger Direct Messages

Tools for Giving Away the AI Software

Images to use in Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads
Wording for Posts in Facebook Groups and Facebook Ads
Wording for Emails
Demo Videos for you to download and use

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters (once they’ve asked for your foot-in-the-door)


Resources mentioned in the course