The world is a better place with empathy!

What you will learn

How to develop empathy

Why some people don’t show empathy

Learning the habits of empathetic people

Building up empathy

Different types of empathy

Using imaginations

Taking action

Having boundaries

Showing interest in others



Hello, welcome to this course on how to develop empathy.

This course is for those who want to learn and build their empathy skills in the real world.

As you are already probably aware, there are always problems in our lives occurring, amongst ourselves and also others around us,  We tend to struggle sometimes find it hard to find ways on what to say when we see others around us who may be suffering or also finding ways to understand them and their feelings.

Empathy is about putting yourself in the shoes of someone else and trying to show you understand. We tend to be very busy with our lives however there are moments where we find some people we may care about in a bad place.

This course will help you develop skills and knowledge of what you can do to help those who you care about but also using the empathy skills in your work/business life with clients.

There will be different sections, lectures, and assignments for you to go through so you get some understanding of how you can develop empathy and help others who are seeking support.

You will learn some of these below:

– How to develop your empathy skills

– Why some people don’t show empathy

– Can you learn empathy?

– The different types of empathy

– How to take action in learning empathy

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– Using your imaginations

– Volunteering in a cause to help your skills in empathy

–  Using empathy in a relationship

– Helping others

– Expressing empathy by showing an interest in someone

– Showing emotional support

Overall, these are some of the ways you can develop your empathy skills and implement them in your life.

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Some habits of empathetic people

Building up empathy

Building up empathy video
Developing empathy article

Showing interest in others

Showing an interest
Types of skills of showing interest in others

Can you learn how to have empathy?

Can you learn how to have empathy?
The practice of empathy

3 types of empathy

Different types of empathy

Showing emotional support

Showing emotional support
How to Give Emotional Support

Using your imagination

Using your imagination video
Some ways of using your imagination

Using experimental empathy

Experimental empathy

Some reasons why we don’t show empathy

Why some people don’t show empathy.

Is having empathy too much a bad thing?

Is having empathy too much a bad thing?

Empathy in relationship

Empathy in relationship

Having boundaries

Having boundaries

Take action!

Why it is important to take action
Volunteering – gaining skills in developing empathy.

What have you learnt?

What have you learnt in this course?

Quiz time

Course quiz