Learn how to create a custom website using the Django web framework and Python

What you will learn

Build a dynamic website with Python and Django

Understand the Django framework and development cycle

Learn Django fundamentals such as templates, models, and context

Create a functional CRUD web app (create, read, update, and delete)

Basic front-end polishing with the Bootstrap CSS framework


This online course will teach you the fundamentals of Django, a Python web framework. Throughout the 10 lessons, you will build a website with Python.

By the end of the tutorial, you will have a functional Python website where you can add, update, and delete names and corresponding scores from a table. This design pattern is called CRUD which stands for create, read, update, and delete.

Specific fundamental Django topics that will be learned include:

  • Django templates
  • Django models
  • The Django admin site
  • Django context
  • Django forms

After getting your Python virtual environment set up on your computer, you will install Django and use the development server to run a basic Hello World website to get familiar with the development cycle.

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Then each following lecture will introduce just one or two Django concepts where you can follow along to solidify your understanding.

All video tutorials in this Django course are step-by-step screen recordings where I walk you through each step of the development process. You can follow along at your own pace.

You can use any operating system including Mac, Windows, and Linux to participate in the coding exercises, but please note that some of the setup instructions might differ.



Getting Started

How to Setup Python for Django (virtual environment with venv)
How to Start a Django Project and Run the Development Server
How to Make a Website with Python (Django hello world tutorial)

Building a Website with Django

How to Render Django Templates with HTML
How to Do Database Stuff with Django Models (without knowing SQL)
How to Use the Django Admin Site (create super user and login)
How to Make Django Pages Dynamic (pass model data to templates)
How to use Django Forms
How to do CRUD in Django

Front-end Design with Bootstrap

How to use Bootstrap with Django